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PE Handled Carrying Sacks

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Plastic Sacks With Handles – Optimal For Heavy Goods.
Used in Supermarkets Around the World.

Since the 70s, plastic sacks with plastic handles have been recognized as THE quintessential carriers for any and everything. A true little helper of a shopping bag. And a good-looking asset to retail sales.

During the economic boom following World War II (1953), plastic sacks became a part of everyday life – but generally did not yet have handles.

Handles followed later – simple handles heat welded into the opening of the bag.

And Now? How Do Carrying Handles Function in Practice?

You can feel them – carrying handles lay comfortably in your hand. Their wide surfaces spread out the weight of the bag. They don't cut into your customer's hands. When you use a shopping bag with plastic handles, you've got no worries carrying heavy loads home from the store.

How Has the Plastic Sack Developed Over Time? How Did Carrying Handles Change Its Use?

Nowadays, we carry more and more home from the store! Post-war consumers demanded more performance from shopping bags on the way home from the supermarket – and all because of plastic sacks with carrying handles which solve so many problems of transport.

Since the 1970s, plastic sacks with handles have become indispensable in the supermarket. Domestic demand and consumption have both been positively affected by the plastic sack since at least that time. They cause our society to work hard to produce more goods, and to carry them home as well.

Plastic sacks with reinforced carrying handles also positively influence the way customers shop in supermarkets or other stores. Since customers can always count on the ever-present plastic sack with handles to be there, they are able to buy more. Everyone knows he can fill these bags to the brim and to overflowing without worry. They are there when they're needed. They almost never disappoint the user who needs a reliable shopping bag.

How Will I Get All This Stuff Home?
The Best Helper On Your Shopping Trip: The Plastic Sack With Handles.

Thanks to plastic sacks with handles, customers don't need to be bothered by these inhibiting thoughts or by the thought of the size and weight of goods purchased unless they've completed a very large shopping trip indeed.

That's why plastic bags with handles have been provided by retail stores free of cost for years. Besides relieving worries about carrying purchases home, companies can also look forward to the bags' enormous and inexpensive advertising reach. Printed plastic sacks are the standard for how bags should be given to consumers, printing plastic bags is integrated into the process of manufacturing the bags, and is our service to you as a retail sales outlet.

For both retail stores and consumers, the plastic sack with carrying handles used to be a throw-away product, since it was available to customers everywhere for free. Free plastic bags became a social reality in a very short time, although they are no longer as ubiquitous as they once were.

It is safe to say, however, that they haven't lost their essential qualities: carrying comfort, advertising usefulness, and their effect in retail establishments: they remain catalysers of sales.

Our other standard Bags include: