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But where there is danger, what is saving also grows. Friedrich Hölderlin Final Countdown to Lockdown!

In addition to medical masks, we now mainly import FFP2 masks for you directly. You buy FFP2 masks from us combined, directly from the importer and wholesaler! We know what will actually happen to you and us this winter 2020/2021: another real challenge! But also new partnerships!

Our acute customers include German federal states, the Ministry of Health, emergency services, care facilities and pharmacies.

We import your orders for larger quantities of mouthguards, now focused on FFP2 and FFP3, due to the current situation.

-directly to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

-imported by plane and express - in no time at all! Or cheaper by ship, as you like

Our delivery times are currently an average of 10-16 days from receipt of order when our warehouse is sold out.

During production, our FFP2 masks are constantly tested for compliance with the FFP2 criteria. You can see and understand that pretty well in the top left of the video.

In addition, we have your goods checked extensively by an independent third party, an institute for quality control and security, before they are loaded onto the flight or shipped. This is recorded in a report.

For the respiratory masks, we also take care of the proper customs clearance for you and the way the last mile of the protective masks to you or your customer.

In the long, second wave, we are faced with the task of ordering what is possible and sensible and organizing the freight for this. That applies to us as your provider of masks. Our urgent appeal: please order your stocks now with the volume of the supply by the end of the 1st quarter of 2020 and replenish them!

This will help us to organize the supply as smoothly as possible in the coming weeks and months.

The final countdown to lockdown is on.  Please make the planning and logistics of the supply easier for us. Order now for delivery between the days and for the first few days at the beginning of January 2021.

We have decided to do the following: We will continue to preferentially deliver to hospitals, pharmacies and old people's homes! You must know that. We are also allowed to supply supermarkets, industrial companies, hairdressers and the public service as well as families and individuals without restriction. Should you also see a need for further procurement options, we will be happy to help.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what your requirements are today and how urgently you need replenishment of protective masks, respirators, face masks and how regularly. Depending on this, we can build up your specific supply staggered for your needs via the intercontinental route by plane, train or ship. 

Respirators and the logistics ring square

The flight prices for goods to Europe are already at a very high level again. There are hardly any passenger planes. In normal times, the luggage space of passenger aircraft is not only used for passengers' suitcases, but also for urgent deliveries of goods. This normally available cargo space is now missing for goods shipments. For this reason, the aircraft's transport space is less available. We have been working intensively and very successfully with special solutions in air freight for you since spring.

Please stay safe. Make the right decision and not too late. Even our order capacities cannot be unlimited. & Nbsp; If we can help, we will.

You can also order at the weekend, simply order the requirement free by email or free by fax to 030 44034254. You will then receive an order confirmation from us. But you can also order online

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