Respiratory protection mask - protective mask - breathing mask - face mask

We import your orders for larger quantities of mouthguards due to the current situation

- straight from China, straight to your country

- by plane and express - quick and easy!

We are happy to deliver for hospitals, procurement offices of the federal states, companies and institutions that attract their visitors, citizens, customers, patients or employees want to protect hygiene. You can get respirators in different protection and price levels.

We decided to do the following: We prefer to supply hospitals and old people's homes! Then the other market, especially the pharmacies. You have to know that. If you also see a need for additional procurement options, we will be happy to help.

For the masks, we also take care of the proper customs clearance for you and the way of the last mile. the protective masks to you or your customer.

We prefer to sell to hospitals and pharmacies.

Please note that the mask you receive may vary in appearance and brand due to lack of stock. However, it has the same FFP class. Your mask can be supplied with or without a valve of the same FFP class.

Our suppliers and manufacturers in China have contributed significantly to China's supply of face masks and respiratory masks in the past few weeks. After the swelling of the infections in China, they are now also open for export to Europe with these products, which are now urgently needed here.

The capacities in China for the production of protective masks and medical face masks that have been trained in China in the past two months are now very high and well established. However, the need for respiratory masks is increasing and very high worldwide. Our Chinese partners asked us if we would like to help with masks, face masks, breathing masks in Germany. As an important importer with long experience for large quantities in B to B, you assure us of a good flow of goods.

With infections subsiding in China, demand in China does not continue to grow rapidly. The interest there in export, from China, is growing in the same course, understandably.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what your requirements are today and how quickly you need replenishments of face masks, respiratory masks and mouth guards. We can, tailored to your needs, build up your specific supply over the intercontinental route by plane, train or ship to meet your needs. Responsible: Carsten Wettreck.

Our collection is expanding:

Masks for children can now be ordered and delivered within a few days, but not yet on our website.

We also deliver rubber gloves as finger gloves by express. Also coming to our website next week.

To our customers in Austria and Switzerland:

Masks may no longer be exported between the European countries (BAnz AT 12.03.2020 B1). Germany imposed an export stop on Friday for protective masks with an efficiency of FFP2 and FFP3, according to the Federal Gazette. We will supply our customers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain with a direct flight from China to the respective country in the next few weeks. We will deliver directly to you by express from China. Import into the respective country is still OK and is always desired. Do not worry. Talk to us.

Customs currently writes on imports: When the goods are released for free circulation, the usual import regulations apply.

Starting this Monday, March 16, 2020, the airfares for goods to Europe will rise again significantly. Many flights have been canceled. The transport compartments of the aircraft are therefore available to a lesser extent.

If you really want to order the goods, you have to hurry, as we have inquiries from all over Europe. Protective masks can only become more expensive for us in purchasing under the current conditions.

The USA and its institutions have also been supplying themselves in China since last week. You are thus game changer in what is currently a very small market. (Most of it is ordered and bought up locally by the government in China, so the free market is very small.)

Every day we learn a lot, as the President of the USA told us. :)

Please stay healthy. Make the right decision and not too late. Our order capacities are also not unlimited. If we can help, we will.

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That is already the case! We can confirm that.

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