Auch kleine Mengen bei uns im Shop


Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and interested parties, dear friends,

today I would like to encourage you to order in general, as our current express service will continue to fly to Germany and Austria in the next week and will certainly continue to fly to Spain, England and France. We supply these countries in Europe directly because of the export stop for these goods - without detour Germany. We can then use the time until the weekend for the orderly organization of these calls in China.

- Dear resellers in the field of advertising and advertising materials: please help. The urgently needed masks and gloves and soon also the protective clothing should come to where they are urgently needed.
I.e. if necessary, give yourself a jerk and come out of the internet and ask directly in your old people's homes, hospitals and local pharmacies how the situation is and what is needed.
(Helping also helps to avoid lethargy in the meantime.) You can order directly online from our website:

On our website you will find insider prices or wholesale prices. Please do not focus on internet sales. Dispose of the goods in your sales where they are now really needed in the health crisis.

- For our institutional customers: The corona virus will keep us busy for months. Please plan your bulk orders for the coming months now. We should not only act ad hoc for now, but resume planning when it is lost:

also for the journey by train or by ship and every last mile!
The continental train delivery takes about 30 days + 4 - 5 days customs clearance and last mile. China is actually opening additional train stations as delivery stations for the transfer of urgently needed goods to Europe, to help.

Shipping takes around 37 days + 4-5 days of customs clearance and last mile. We have been able to target various ports in Europe for a long time.

Austria and Switzerland, as well as other countries, we will deliver by sea or train using the T1 procedure for last mile if it is on German soil.

We currently have 3 to 4 boxes with KN95 masks in the office in Berlin, which you can call us as long as stocks last, in quantities of 1,000 or 500.

So much for good news today. Please stay healthy and help.


Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and interested parties, dear friends,

today there are two very important messages that I would like to give in brief:

Part 1)

Our supplier tells us: FEDEX only flies this week and then no longer until further notice. DHL has long since stopped flights to Europe because of Corona in Europe.
I.e. Practical: According to the daily report, we can only successfully fly out of China goods this week until further notice. Maybe we will find another shipper in the next few days.
Unfortunately, we need serious orders immediately if we want to get out of China with goods before the stop.
All orders that are already running: please keep in mind that we have received the money. We now have to carry out the current orders if they are not yet being implemented.

Part 2)

The morning and half of the night we dealt with the topic of certification CE.
Result: Our goods are already CE-tested. You can find the corresponding certificate on our website.
However, the certification itself has not yet been formally completed. The certification body is located in Italy.
We have a current, confidential letter from the State Secretaries Böhning and St. Steffen on the subject of CE marking. The content is:
"In order to cope with the current crisis situation and with a view to limited production quantities of the goods listed in the plant in Germany, it is imperative to buy them at the manufacturing / supply location and import them to Germany, even if they e.g. do not carry a CE / NE mark. (...) "

Part 3) Customers in Austria, Spain etc.!

We fly to your country as long as we can directly with the goods from China. You then have to clear the goods yourself, as we are not represented with a customs number in every EU country.
Please use the website urgently now and only make calls in urgent cases:

Please stay healthy!


In China it is afternoon and now the pick-up time for the courier services.

Today we fly to Berlin by express goods (today it is only KN95) in order to then continue to deliver them to our customers who have pre-ordered by express.

We can choose to have the packaging units packed, individual packaging, set of 2, set of 3.

I just received the message that the express delivery company has now picked up today. This includes a test shipment for a pharmacy service that has not been able to serve 250,000 pre-orders since January. So we are already looking forward to the coming order when the test box has arrived.

- Italy: our colleague in Italy will continue to be supplied by express and plane from China. He flew in a million masks this week and sold them out to Italian pharmacies, and continues to deliver and order. Express services continue to deliver to Italy and deliver in Italy and Schenker continues to drive trucks from Italy to Germany in the moment. We therefore assume that we can continue to supply our customers in same  way by express in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain over the next few weeks.

Our range expands:

- Masks for children are available now, but not yet on our website.

- We also deliver one way rubber gloves as finger gloves by express. Also coming to our website next week.

Every day we learn a lot, as the President of the USA told us.

Please stay healthy. If we can help, we will.