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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fear is not a good guide, but it can motivate you to do the right thing. We have no knowledge of how the virus will behave in the coming autumn and winter.

However, we can learn from history. The Spanish flu had the following parallel course in many countries:

Time course of the Spanish flu based on the deaths per 1,000 people in the years 1918 - 1919

(google search: spanish flu statistics)

So we have to reckon with waves - with a larger wave than this spring.

There should be no lockdown. So we can only slow the coming wave by keeping our distance, using masks and other hygiene measures.

The second wave doesn't have to be worse than the first. The principle of hope can be followed more relaxed if we have taken precautions.

Please have a look to see if we can help you with MNS masks, FFP2 or FFP3 masks, protective gowns and the like. The planes are currently flying cargo reliably.

With the very best wishes for the time to come,


Carsten Wettreck + Zoriana Wettreck and the bagobag team


About the virus:

In the summer the virus would have harmed itself in its spread, it would have produced severe disease processes.

So we are currently dealing with the summer type of virus!

In summer, the conditions for the virus are not favorable. It adapts in favor of its reproduction, becomes milder, especially in the course of the disease. & nbsp; First of all, the virus wants to survive the summer.

Now we are going back to the interior together. We'll be keeping the windows closed soon. The conditions for the virus are much better. The virus can switch to the winter type! The disease progressions need no longer be attenuated.

It could afford to get more aggressive again. This possibility is reluctantly or not at all communicated in the media. However, it corresponds to the course of the second wave of the Spanish flu in autumn / winter / spring 1918/1919.

We survived the first wave and our summer 2020. This summer was for organization, preparation and recreation, economic and general.

The second wave is currently reaching France, Spain and England, still in its mild version.

The virus has - until now - kept its summer condition. That can change again. We are still summery and so is the virus.

We are mitigating the aggressiveness of the virus in autumn-winter with an artificially longer summer. This is done through the consistent use of masks in the interior.

Possibly the summer type will remain in winter.


Mask Kiss

Source: Getty Images / Hulton Archive Creative

Stanley Morner - later known under the artist name Dennis Morgan - and Betty Furness rehearse a film kiss in Hollywood in 1937. Her passion only seems to slow down the face mask.


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