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Truck Tarp Messenger Bags, Manufactured and Printed with a minimum Order of 500 Pieces.

The truck tarp messenger bag – outdoor bag for the urban jungle! Courier bags direct from the manufacturer.

New York bicycle couriers made them famous around the world.

Today they're the epitome of the urban lifestyle: you can hardly imagine the city without courier bags.

Outdoor bags for the city are robust and offer safe protection for all sorts of loads – no matter if you're transporting your files, your laptop, or paper cups filled with coffee for your colleagues. Our rain-resistant flap bags with an urban style can be used for years and years, making them worth the price

Truck tarp bags with wide, adjustable shoulder straps can be manufactured in every size and colour. Typically, the bag body consists of thick (usually black) nylon and the rain flap is covered with a bonded outer surface of tarpaulin fabric. This leaves plenty of room for your logo or a snappy saying, giving each shoulder bag an individual flair. A little wear certainly won't detract from it.

Thanks to their rain flaps and velcro closures, everything inside the bag remains dry even in strong rain.

There are almost no borders to the designs of these bags; for only a small charge, you can add shoulder pads, interior compartments (i.e. mobile phone holders), interior pockets with or without zippers, pen holders, cup holder sleeves, or other extras.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

We also offer courier bags in small order sizes, but they become more inexpensive in the case of larger orders.