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Kraft paper carrying bags – A low price per piece and a minimum order of 600 pieces – and eco-friendly!

  • Kraft paper carrying bags
  • Print kraft paper bags
  • Print paper sacks
  • Kraft paper bags
  • Print kraft paper bags

Example: Brown kraft paper bags – twisted paper handles, printed paper sacks - Arminiusmarkthalle, Berlin Moabit – Dinga Stern

Order: 10,000 pieces

Format: 32 cm wide x 37 cm high x 16 cm deep

Printing: Flexo printing, 1 colour pantone red PMS 1945 U, two-sided printing with different designs on each side / 90% printed surface, text and picture set as negatives so that they appear on the brown kraft paper. The red outer surface is printed.

Finishing: Paper carrying bag with twisted paper handles, brown kraft paper, no extra base

Plastification: none

Hot Foil Embossing: none

Handles: Twisted paper handles, natural colour

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  • Paper bags, white kraft paper bag
  • Paper bags, kraft paper white
  • Bon Pastaio, paper bags with twisted paper cord

Example: White kraft paper carrying bag with twisted paper handles, printed paper bag Bon Pastaio GmbH, Germany

Order: 7,500 pieces

Format: 23 cm wide x 33 cm high x 10 cm deep

Material: 90 g/m² white kraft paper

Printing: Flexo printing, 4 colour CMYK, two sided designs printed on outside, 100% surface printed, short sides unprinted

Finishing: Paper carrying bag with twisted paper handles, white kraft paper, no extra base

Plastification: None

Handles: Twisted paper handles

Delivery Time: 30 days

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  • Brown kraft paper bags, small hand-folded, hand-glued
  • Brown kraft paper bag, 2-color printed, small series, offset printing
  • Small amount of kraft paper bag, hand-folded and hand-glued, offset printing
  • View into the handmade kraft paper bag, small amount

Example: Brown paper carrying bag – hand folded and glued – Uncle Berlin

Order: 500 pieces

Format: 16 cm wide x 24 cm high x 8 cm deep

Material: Kraft paper 120 g/m², brown, both sides flat

Printing: Offset printing, 2 colour, pantone 7533 U and 465 U

Additions: None

Handles: Twisted paper handles, hand length

Finishing: Paper carrying bags

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  • Paper bag with pointed bottom, confectionery
  • Small papers without handle, folding pocket with pointed bottom
  • Layout

Example: Small paper sack without handles, paper bag with pointed base, gift bag, folding bag – AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse

Order: 5,000 pieces

Format: 2 cm wide (W)x 25 cm high (H) x 4 cm deep (D), no base

Material: 100 g/m² kraft paper, white, one side flat printing

Printing: Offset, 1 colour (Pantone green 355 C), Printed Surface: 50% (Printing on only one side)

Additions: None

Handles: None

Finishing: Exclusive paper sack

Packaging: Packaged in boxes which are easy to carry and safe to transport

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  • Flat handle paper bags, Targobank Norderstedt
  • Paper bag with flat handle, Targobank Norderstedt
  • Kraft paper bags

Example: Paper carrying bags with flat handles, Targobank Norderstedt

Order: 1,000 pieces

Format: 25 cm wide x 30 cm high x 10 cm deep

Material: 100g kraft paper flat white

Printing: 2 colours, same design front and rear, flexo printing

Handles: Flat handles, hand length, white

Finishing: paper bag with flat handles

Process: Layout created by us and approved by you

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Print kraft paper bags. Print paper sacks.

Kraft paper bags are available in bleached white and brown natural colours.

Kraft paper has longer fibres than either standard paper or illustration printing paper. It is therefore more robust than standard paper, even at low gram weights. Since larger weights in grams always cost more money, kraft paper carrying bags offer a very good price-performance ratio even in the case of large orders because of their lower material weight. Customers who want paper bags which need not radiate exclusivity but which should be used as standard shopping bags almost always decide on kraft paper bags. Shopping bags made of paper, especially in the grocery business, need to be extremely sturdy and be able to carry several kilos, but need to cost very little. These high demands – inexpensive bags which are very sturdy to carry and which deliver high quality – are met by classic kraft paper bags which take little effort to recycle.

But bags made of kraft paper are also chosen by designers who have tired of seeing flat or matte surfaces sealed by lamination when they order paper bags and who would prefer to give their customers the tactile experience of holding paper in their hands.

So, the paper bag is back again, for several good reasons, and paper sacks are replacing plastic sacks in Europe and elsewhere in growing numbers.

Since this type of bag is generally not sealed by lamination, it is much easier to recycle these bags later than to recycle bags coated in foil. Paper bags without reinforced bases and with twisted paper handles or flat handles have become especially trendy in eco-friendly stores as everyday bags.

Kraft paper bags. The ultimate paper sack. Natural, simple, and tear-resistant. Authentic. Timeless: super modern and retro at the same time.

Simplicity is making a comeback. Paper bags represent this ideal right on their paper surfaces. The natural beauty of the bag comes from the tearproof nature and security of the kraft paper bag. Its handles and their glue also guarantee extraordinary tear resistance. The same can be said of the thin, spun paper handles

Kraft paper bags. Print inexpensive paper sacks. Low priced manufacturing.

With a minimum order of 3,000 pieces, we will assemble your kraft paper bags by machine and print them using inexpensive flexo printing. When you order 3,000 pieces, you receive an extremely good price per piece. For further information, call us or write us a short message. We are also happy to fulfill smaller orders for kraft paper bags, but we use screen printing, which is less expensive for small numbers of bags.