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Non Woven Bags Direct from Your Manufacturer

To make non woven fabric, polypropylene is poured into a structured mould. This creates a fine and lightweight mat material which may have a flat surface or a honeycomb or diamond pattern. The material is tear-resistant, washable, resists moisture, is free of smell and is oil and grease resistant – ideal for reusable packaging materials. It is sewn into carrying bags by hand, and offers an excellent base material for long-lasting, effective promotional items. The material is available in various weights and can be chosen in accordance with the purpose of your bags.

Non Woven – The Choice for Long Lasting Promotional Materials

It can be finished in any format and offers full surface printing. Your customer will hold an advertisement in his hand which is sturdy, which he can use even in the rain, which always looks great after a fresh wash, and which will always remind him of your brand. If the bag does ever reach the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled with other plastic packaging. Non woven material is 100% recyclable, making carrying bags made from this material twice as long-lasting!

Quality Is Easy To Spot

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  • The material thickness - expressed as weight per square meter in grams - determines how much pleasure the customer ultimately has on the advertising medium. He will associate his experience with the bag directly with the advertising message and the advertising company: if the bag prematurely, can not be expected otherwise from the advertised product. In this sense, at least one gram of 80 g / m 2 should be selected for trawls. In principle, the higher the demands on the carrying capacity of the bag and the higher the image it conveys, the heavier the material must be.

Here are some reference values:

  • - 80 g/sqm for trade fair and promotional bags, sports bags, and drawstring bags
  • - At least 100 g/sqm for souvenir bags and carrying bags which advertise for tourist destinations
  • - 100 g/sqm or more for bags with zippers
  • - 120 g/sqm to 150 g/sqm for bags for carrying folders and shopping bags

Further additions like lamination, a reinforced folded rim, or a solid base increase the stability and style of your non-woven bag.

Non Woven Carrying Bags for Ever Present Advertising Messages

  • Non Woven
  • Paper bags tear, plastic bags lose their charm quickly. Cotton bags are not fat-resistant, become unsightly after a few washes, absorb moisture quickly and pass them on to the contents.

    Non-woven bags are stable and durable beautiful - as attractive and reliable as the product they advertise for!

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