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Nylon & Polyester Bags

Example: Polyester printed bags, carrying bags for display samples – Teppichwelten, Südbund, Germany

Order: 1.200 pieces

Format: 50cm wide x 45cm high x 22cm deep

Material: Black polyester 600 D, sewn with black nylon thread

Printing: Screen printing 2 colour, same as sample bag

Handles: Handles 2 x 45cm x 3.5cm of polyester 600 D, sewn in cross pattern and fastened with metal rings to the bag, additional shoulder strap, length 130 x 5cm with padding and metallic adjuster and metallic attachment, cross stitching to fasten straps

Zipper: Running through opening to the top of short side, black plastic, with two metal pulls

Finishing: Folded rim on opening and handles sewn in cross pattern, plastic plate fastened to base with 600 D polyester and sewn in

Packaging: Easy to carry, secure boxe

Delivery: 70 to 90 days after sample approval

Shipping: Free shipping, duty paid, in boxes (to a curb or ramp) to an address in Germany


bagobag, the bag manufacturer for Your contract:

You and Us. How can We work together?

Together with our manufacturers in the bagobag team, you develop the carrying bag you need and imagine step by step, using your initial data and the bag's purpose, which you define in the development stage.

Incredibly, these types of custom series are no longer unaffordable today. They're our everyday business. Everyone can produce and design a custom bag with us, and print it in small or large orders.The planning and modeling for a carrying bag production run occurs step by step:

A Rough Sketch of the Bag's Ideal Characteristics

A rough idea of the characteristics of the bag needs to include all available details.

You can know only a few of these characteristics and leave some parameters up to us. These few details can be based on the eventual intended use of the bag or the type of bag you need: sports bag, sample carrying bag, team bag, cosmetic case, pillow packaging sack, etc.

Then, you will receive ideas and examples which will help you further your ideas and move forward concretely.

Or, it's even easier if you already have a favorite bag or if you have a bag which you would like to have exactly reproduced as it stands or according to your design. We would then need your design or this bag as an example, to determine parameters from it. We would also be happy to use this bag later as a sample for production of our sample and as the basis for calculations in order to offer you a quote.

A First Vision Of Your Bag

Then, we develop everything necessary for creating your bag, a first vision of your bag from the information you provide or the specifics we develop together, including:

  • the material or materials, the colours of the materials for your bag and their use, and furthermore
  • style, form,
  • size,
  • stitching,
  • edge binding,
  • base,
  • zippers,
  • printing,
  • reinforcements,
  • shoulder straps,
  • handles,
  • attachments.

If you want us to determine these details for you, we would be happy to do so. We would be just as happy to serve you if you want to design your series of bags entirely on your own, determining all details and holding the reigns in your own hands.

The fewer question marks remain for our team at the beginning of production, the better. But we don't demand completeness from you. Often, we are quickly and effectively able to determine everything necessary through suggestions and collaboration.

Price Quotes From bagobag, the Bag Manufacturer

If we have determined the characteristics of the bag and production run, we can provide a price quote. You are also welcome to tell us your desired price per piece for your bags. Please let us know what your budget is, so that we can plan within it.

The Layout of Your Carrying Bag, Your Series of Bags -bagobag, the Bag Printer

If we have determined the necessary details for your bag during planning and set a price, a first layout is produced in our facility to describe your product, if you have not provided one yourself.

1:1 Sample Bag: Printed Bag

With a product description and layout as the basis, a 1:1 sample bag is produced: on a 1:1 scale of what will later be produced for your order.

In this step, you will receive the exact bag to test out which you will later receive as part of your printed series.

Order confirmation no. 2011-2338 c.: Exclusive nylon woven bag with protective PVC

Order: 5,000 pieces

Format: 44 cm wide, 40 cm high, 10 cm deep in the ground + border around 2 cm

Material: Metallic silver nylon in thickness 1680D, additionally covered with a protective PVC.

Sewing thread: We use nylon yarn at your request. We take the stitches in the nylon yarn, which we can still process in the sewing machine. (A d nylon nylon can hold very much (often up to a ton of weight).

Short Sides: None, front side sewn inwards.

Inside band: Gray piping or binding tape running in the middle in the short sides as well as in the ground.

Printing: Screen printing 2/0 on both large front sides (like patterns)

Finishing: Other

Handles: Same nylon 1680 D as pocket body, also in thickness, double stitched on the hem envelope inside, hand length 45 cm, width 3 cm

Push button: Yes

Base: No reinforcement, same material as other pocket bodies

Border envelope: 2 cm width, no sewn edge reinforcement


The sample bag at your place to try out, before serial production

We will send you your 1:1 sample bag. We expect you to examine the bag seriously and, as far as it goes with a piece of pattern, for your purposes.

A pocket on the mental reed board is something completely different than trying out your own design and your own design and testing it in reality.

By using the sample bag, you will have the opportunity to notice the certain something that needs to be further adapted to meet your requirements permanently.

So if you want to make further changes after trying, we can make a second sample production if you wish.

Or, what happens often, for reasons of time and cost, we can keep the changes in detail without producing another sample production in the order distribution for the production of this update. During the production, we photograph the implementation of these details to document to you that these new details are actually carried out.

Changes are recorded in the order distribution by an explicit update.