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Additions - Print Paper Bags

Here is a small selection of possible additions for our paper carrying bags.

Hot Foil Lamination

Example: Paper carrying bags, hot foil and matte foil laminate, offset black, Schloss Schwarzenfeld, Germany

Order: 1,000 pieces

Format: 30 cm wide x 40 cm high x 10 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim

Material: 210 g/m². American Bristol, white, one sided printing

Print: Offset printing, 1 colour black

Hot Foil Embossing: In gold / front and back same design / design size approx. 21 x 8 cm

Addition: Matte cellophane (matte foil)

Handle: Cotton / diameter 5-6 cm / colour: black

Length: 2 x 50 cm (hand-length) knotted

Finishing: Exclusive carrying bag with cardboard base and integrated rim reinforcement

Example: Exclusive paper carrying bag with satin bands, hot foil embossing, Gold Gretchen, MiAna Accessories, oHG, Berlin,

Order: 3 sizes, each 500 pieces ☀ Format 1: 32 cm wide x 26 cm high x 10 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim ☀ Format 2: 45 cm wide x 35 cm high x 10 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim ☀ Format 3: 58 cm wide x 47 cm high x 16 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim ☀ Material: 220 g/m² kraft paper, white ☀ Embossing: Hot foil embossing gold (design identical size in all three formats) ☀ Domain: Same size on the sides and inside = 16 cm wide ☀ Logo: Front and rear sides 28 cm wide ☀ Addition: No cellophane ☀ Handle: Colour: Gold, matched to colour of embossing, cotton band ☀Format 1 and 2: 2 x 50 cm long, 2 cm wide, knotted ☀ Format 3: 2 x 70 cm long, 2 cm wide, knotted ☀ Finishing: Exclusive paper carrying bag with included reinforced base and folded rim. ☀ Delivery: 3 formats in one delivery, free delivery (to curb or ramp)

  • Finishing

Euroscale, cutout: partial hot foil embossing in gold.

  • Finishing
  • Finishing

1. pink is printed as pantone in offset printing, coated with 2. an almost holographic lamination using sparkling elements scattered into the lamination foil, along with 3. partial hot foil embossing with holographic foil, 4. handle with twisted silver fibres.

  • Finishing

Partial hot foil embossing on a 100% printed two-dimensional offset background printing. There is also a matte foil lamination between the hot foil embossing and the printed surface on this printed paper bag.

  • Finishing
  • Finishing

Hot foil embossing as a finishing addition to these exclusive paper bags: hot foil embossing in gold on UV spot varnish (the small logos CM). These two elements are on a matte foil. These two additions thus contrast with the background. There is a two-dimensional offset printing under the matte foil lamination , the 100% two-dimensional, blue offset printed background.

  • Finishing
  • Finishing

Partial hot foil embossing in gold on fibrous ribbed natural card stock. No offset printing on this bag. Printed paper bags with only hot foil lamination, “Book printing.”

  • Finishing

On 1. offset printed full cover font, 2. matte foil, 3. purple gold hot foil embossing on the logo, 4. high quality relief embossing on the logo.

  • Finishing

On 1. metallic coloured snake skin imitation pre-embossed cardboard, 2. CI logo design in partial hot foil embossing, 3. high class relief embossing on the logo.

  • Finishing

In set as a cross-promotion or as a teaser: a small two-dimensional handled bag, cut out and teaser threaded onto the handle.

As you see, printing paper bags allows for free and individual possibilities for modification.


Example: Paper shopping bag for ties – Edsor Flagship Store, Hackische Höfe, Berlin

Order: 2,000 pieces ☀ Formats: 23 cm wide x 42 cm high x 7 cm deep ☀ Material: 190 g/m², packaging board one-sided matte printing 1.25 x volume ☀ Printing: Offset printing 4/0 printing CMYK ☀ Additions 1. OPP Foil lamination matte 2. Hot foil lamination gold on both front sides – format 7.3 x 8.2 cm ☀ Handles: 2 x PP handles, Ø 6 mm, length 50 cm, knotted ☀ Finishing: Simple paper carrying bag with included reinforced base 450 g/m² and reinforced rim 650 g/m² ☀ Delivery: Free to an address in Germany – to curb or ramp

UV Spot Lackierung

Example: Paper bags, offset printing, matte laminated, UV spot varnish – Jüdisches Leben, Erfurt,

Order: 1,000 pieces ☀ Format: 16 x 23 x 8 cm + approx. 5 cm (Width x Height x Depth + Folded Rim) ☀ Material 190 g/m² Bristol-Papier ☀ Printing: 2/1 colour offset printing - Pantone 398U / 4975C ☀ Additions: Matte laminated, UV spot varnish, identical on both front sides ☀ Handle: Two plastic cords, knotted inside, length 2 x 30 cm, 5-6 cm Ø, colour 514 ☀ Finishing: Exclusive paper bag with glued in cardboard base, 650 g/m² and integrated reinforced folded rim 650 g/m² ☀ Packaging: Packaged in easy to carry and secure boxes, on pallets. ☀ Delivery: Free delivery to an address in Germany, to a curb or ramp

Example: Fastening label integrated into the bag design, bag with handles - Viesmann

Format a) bag 25 cm wide (W) x 35 cm high (H) x 12 cm deep (D) + 5 cm folded rim b) tag: 3 x 8 cm ☀ Bag Material: 185 g/m² American Bristol, white, one sided printing. ☀ Printing a) bag – offset printing / 2 colour pantone – front and back side printed with Viesmann logo b) tag - offset printing / 1 colour pantone for orange + negative print = white Viesmann ☀ Colour Definition: Grey: pantone silver 877 / Orange: pantone GOE 19-1-6C ☀ Additions: Glossy cellophane ☀ Handle: PP cord, colour: silver grey / diameter 6 mm / length 2 x 50 cm, incl. knot ☀ Finish: 1. Exclusive paper bag with included base reinforcement and rim reinforcement. 2. fastening tag folded in the middle, stamped on the rear in the middle above the narrow side, one half covered by adhesive protection and glued to the front of the bag. Fastening tag glued to the upper edge of the bag with this half (=4cm). The other half of the tag (=4cm) with adhesive protection folded into the bag opening and is unglued before use.