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Sacs élégants non-tissés. Avec une commande minimum de 1000 pièces.

Example: Coated PP Non-Woven bags – Schmersal, the big bag

Order: 3,000 pieces

Format: 60cm wide, 45cm high, 20cm deep in the sides and base, folded rim 3cm

Material: 90 g/m² sturdy non-woven fleece mat material, white (non-woven + lamination) = 120 g/m², short sides and straps same coated non-woven, handles printed in pantone 294C.

2 front sides plus base plus short sides all same material.

Short Sides: Yes, 20cm, fold on short sides, seam in middle of each short side.

Printing: Photo gravure printing 1/0 all around short sides and on both large front sides, base blue pantone 294C, shoulder straps (monochrome one colour pantone 294C)

Additions: Glossy lamination

Stitching: Behind corners all around base on interior, one horizontal seam on middle fold on short sides.

Handles: Handles printed in pantone 294C, 2x laminated non-woven like bag body, length 80cm, handles / straps suitable for shoulder carry, width 3cm sewn in cross shape on front interior side, straps sewn length-wise on both sides; not sewn on one side and folded.

Snap Button: Snap button in middle, white plastic

Base:Yes, 20cm deep, monochrome pantone 294C, fold in middle

Folded Rim: Approx. 2.5cm wide, pantone 294C, no sewn in rim reinforcement

Example: Promotional Non-Woven sack – butcher's shop Fischer AG, Langendorf Switzerland

Order: 2,500 pieces

Format: 40cm wide, 32cm high, 12cm deep on sides and base, additional edge binding around corners and short sides.

Material: 100 g/m² sturdy non-woven fleece mat material, red according to choice of photos of pantone colours, as close to pantone 1797 as possible

Printing: Screen printing 1/0 white on both large front sides and on short sides

Additions: Edge binding running around corners of short sides made of laminated non-woven material, same colour, no interior lamination; no reinforcement in base or folded rim.

Stitching: 2 stitches per centimeter

Handle: Same non-woven material as bag body, 2 x length 70cm, handles / straps suitable for shoulder carry, width 2.5cm plus 2 x hand length handles, 35cm, sewn in cross pattern.

Ends of handles are sewn into interior of bag. First short handles for hand carry, then longer shoulder straps on top of them. Sewn in a cross pattern.

Snap Button: None

Base: Yes, 12cm, folded rim approx. 2.5cm wide

Shipping: Free shipping on pallet (to a curb or ramp), one address in Switzerland, duty not paid

Example: Uncoated Non-Woven bag, Non-Woven cord handled bag –
label & lounge Germany, Schwerin

Order: 3,000 pieces

Format: 44cm wide x 36cm high x 14cm deep + 4cm folded rim

Material 140 g/m² PP non-woven, black, no lamination

Printing: Screen printing, 1 colour, metallic silver, same design on both sides, 10% printed surface

Handles: Two PP cords, black, 50cm long, Ø .5cm, threaded and knotted through silver metal grommets in reinforced folded rim

Finishing: Exclusively finished carrying bag with black edge binding over seams

Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes, on pallets

Delivery Deadline: Standard, approx. 10 weeks after printing approval or as agreed

Shipping: Free shipping (to a curb or ramp), duty paid, to an address in Schwerin