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Woven directly from manufacturer Bagobag

Woven - The ideal material for hard-wearing bags


The term "woven" is understood to mean weaved, flat polypropylene threads. These result in a highly resistant, tear-resistant material. This material composition is perfectly suited for bags and shopping bags which are intended to withstand a greater load. The fabric can be printed and coated, is waterproof and can be recycled into the circuit. It is also possible to process a proportion of recycled material during the manufacturing process, thereby increasing the environmentally friendly aspect. Bags made of PP Woven are available in different sizes. The same material is available for the interior of the interior, as well as an inner lining of cotton, non-woven or other materials. The bag can also be equipped with a closure. Combine size, handle, closure and imprint and design the shopping bag that represents your company outwardly.


Woven, the basis for individual printing


Woven Woven Woven Woven Woven


The bag gets its special look through the print. This form of textile finishing offers countless possibilities. This makes the woven bag the perfect advertising medium. On the material colors come into their own. The sides and the crossbars can be matched to the color. Place your logo on the bag and your slogan! The bag is very long-lasting due to its high durability. This means: your advertising message is often visible! It is worth investing in the design of the bag, because a woventbag with a stylish print can definitely become a cult object.

Also rely on the re-certification factor. Your motif ensures a permanent use of the bag as an advertising medium.


Woven bags for every purpose

If you want to transport large, bulky and heavy goods, this bag is well advised. The high load capacity is very useful for daily shopping. Bottles and canned foods can put the tear resistance of a paper bag or a plastic plastic bag onto a hard surface - with a wovent bag you are on the safe side. Woven bags are also used by recycling yards to carry them. The bag is used often and often. With a chic design, it is suitable as a shopper, which is used again and again. Practical are also the sturdy handles of the bag. Many models have handles in two lengths, short and long, which means that the bag can be carried both by hand and by hand on the shorter handle.

Useful in many respects: The woven bag looks good, is practical and very durable. It is suitable as an advertising medium for your company logo and can be used frequently. The stable material is excellent for high quality printing in a remarkable quality.


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