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Van Gogh paper carrier bag
Porsche College bag PP woven
Sushi bags milky transparent plastic bags
Davidoff Calvin Klein paper cord shopper
Ebay Facebook Sally Hansen paper bags
Oettinger advertisement bag PP
Calvin Klein promotional bag
Claire promotional paper bags
Collaj printed promotional bag
Cooling bag
Rauch beverage company Promotiontaschen
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Hong Quan FFP2
Green Spring® rapid antigen test
MaiMed ni-touch PF gloves
Polyethylene protective gown
Antigen Rapidtests

Anterior nasal test, spit test, saliva test (also single packed)


FFP2  Protective masks

FFP2, FFP3, Medical protective mask


Protective gown

Lab coats, nursing gowns, disposable gowns



Protective gloves, work gloves, hygiene gloves


Kraft Paper Bags

Grip hole, twisted or flat paper handles, best cost-benefit ratio, ecofriendly.


Reliable PP Woven Bags

Resilient, trendy, woven and stitched, for leisure and selling, for daily use.


Exclusive Paper Bags

Rope handle or grip hole, fold over and bottom enforced, for fair and selling.


Non-woven Laminated Bag (PP)

Material double layer easy to wipe clean, weather-proofed and chic, print in foto quality.


Felt Bags

Felt bags with printing as advertising bags


R-PET Bags

R-PET carrying bags with advertising print


Conventional Cotton Bags

Sustainable running natural product – as drugstore bag or cotton pouch.


Exclusive Plastic Bags

As well as transparent or milky, LDPE, MDPE, perfect as precious promotional bag.


Messenger Bags, Courier Bags, Lorry Bags

On the way ideal for bicycle, bike or subway, bags with adjustable belt.


Cosmetic-, Pillow- and Bed-Bags

Bag and exclusive packaging in one, LDPE, non-woven, special make, special design.


Leather bags

Leather bags, card case, shoulder bag


Elegant Non Woven Bags

Classy textile bag, sewn in non woven fabric (PP), small impressions as well, multi way bag.


Glue Patch Handle Bags (PE)

Extra adhesive reinforcement around the die cut handle, retail bag, shopping bag.


Bottle Bags

Transport up to one, two, three or more bottles, made out of kraft paper, cotton or non-woven (PP).


Flexible Soft Loop Bags (PE)

Secure plastic bag realized out of Mono- and Coex foil, a jolly good wearing comfort.


T-shirt bags (PE)

Ultra-light, hygienic, for food (also fruit and meat), blocked, easy to use.


Turn-over Top Handle Bags (PE)

Weld fold over with grip hole, for drugstore, retail shop and supermarket.


Patch Handle Carrier Bags (PE)

Flat bag for the few small and light articles for sale.



Fabric ribbons, silk ribbons, herringbone, textile ribbons


Paper Carrier Bags, Print Paper Carrying Bags, Design Bags With the Bag Professionals

Would you like your brand to make an impression at trade fairs, events, and around the city, and reach new customers? Nothing could be simpler! Exclusive paper carrier bags, trade fair bags, and printed bags allow you to easily reach new customers through the customers you already have. Let your customers advertise for you with the help of high quality carrying bags. All you need to do is take advantage of the benefits of this form of advertisement and decide on promotional bags which showcase your business in a charming and appealing manner – our team will help you reap the benefits.

Our team will make sure that your pocket with cord in your CI looks exactly the way you want it to be. Your design is presented to you before printing through our pre-press, so you can see exactly what you expect - and possibly change about what is bothering you.

Print Trade Fair Bags: Get What You Want

Our team will ensure that the trade fair bags with twisted handles in your booth look exactly like you want them to. Your ideas will be visualized for you in the early stages of printing so that you can see exactly what you will receive and, if necessary, make changes to anything you don't like.

Printing Bags

Especially at trade fairs, it is important to make an impression among a group of competitors. That's why your trade fair bags should be unique and stylish, and should stand out from the promotional bags of other participants. We guarantee you a first class transfer of your photos and designs onto your paper carrying bags. Paper trade fair bags with twisted handles, printed using offset printing, are the standard at trade fairs and create a super presentation.

Wide Selection: Trade Fair Bags, Printed Bags, Paper Carrying Bags.

Whether you are looking for plastic, jute, or paper bags, or for plastic grocery sacks, we can make your designs a reality. Using laminated non-woven bags, we can offer a brilliance of design and a freedom to combine graphics and image reproduction never before possible. The highest level of quality in printed bags cannot be achieved using pre-fabricated bags, but only by printing on rolls of textile, or on sheets or rolls of paper before manufacturing the bags. This is the most rational and brilliantly effective manner of printing. We only use pre-fabricated bags in exceptional cases and when filling small orders, and print these using screen printing or transfer printing. High quality cotton bags are printed before sewing and allow the entire surface of the bag to be printed without margins. In the case of small orders, or in cases where a logo or short slogan does not need to cover the whole surface, we can use stock bags. Generally, we first print and then finish paper carrying bags – only when the order is very small or the turnaround time very short do we use screen printing. We see PP woven carrying bags as quite eco-friendly and trendy, since they are permanent carrying bags, and offer the advertiser a much longer effective life. The longer one of our bagobag bags does its job for the consumer, and the more the consumer loves it, the more effective it is as an eco-friendly advertising tool.

You Decide! Print Bags With Your Advertisement; Bags According to Your Taste

Ask yourself the question: What do I want to achieve with my bag? If you are considering trade fair bags, for instance, you know these can create targeted visual advertisements for your business. The various trade fair models offer different advantages: cotton bags are more subtle in their effectiveness as advertisements, but win positive feedback from your customers for their eco-friendliness and sturdiness. Paper carrying bags, on the other hand, offer a defined, stable advertising space which is easily recognizable everywhere. At home, however, they won't last as long.

Paper Carrying Bags are an Indispensable Advertising Tool

Nowadays, every business knows that paper carrying bags and other printed bags allow a company to draw attention to itself. Especially when presenting your business at a trade fair, you should always have representative trade fair bags with twisted paper handles.

Make an Impression: Paper Carrying Bags With Print

Don't just use printed bags to your advantage at trade fairs, but also make sure that your company gets the recognition it deserves outside of specialized fairs. Both promotional bags for brand advancement and trade fair bags need to be designed in a precisely targeted manner in order to focus attention. So have your bags printed by a specialist who will optimize all aspects of the process for you – including the money you are investing – and aid you in the process of converting your graphics to suit the promotional bag medium. We at bagobag are specialists in creating exclusive paper carrying bags for you with guaranteed results: printed trade fair bags, courier bags, promotional bags, jute sacks – your imagination knows no limits as you decide on the style and properties necessary in the type of bag you need to create a customer-oriented and effective advertisement for your business. Tools like printing carrying bags with your logo are a vitally important stylistic device for securing other original appealing advertisements, for increasing the threshold of awareness in your target demographic, and for using your advertising budget effectively. It is especially important to catch the customer's eye without requiring long reflection or further reading. Your bag needs to make an impression and be well-loved. A promotional bag customers don't like is useless. Bags have characteristics – not just an outward appearance. An appropriate layout for a bag and a bag's form are just as important as the printed areas of the bag, a successful logo placement, and professional printing quality. Material and everyday useability make a bag appealing and useful. Bagobag bags deliver these. Everything must be suited to your company and your purposes, and that's why only experts deal with your promotional or trade fair bags. Just contact us!