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The revival of the networks is in full swing. The comeback is happening with good reason. They are lightweight. They're so easy to stow. When you need them, they're there. You just pull them out. The natural shopping net then unfolds into a huge storage space, especially when shopping. Label your own bag!

It-bags mesh bags with label printed or embroidered for brands that are worth it.

We support brands in labeling networks for their brands and bringing them to market. We want the rapid spread of these sustainable networks. Basically, every brand in its business can now position itself with networks.

You, as decision-makers, label your net bag with us. You use it as a promotional item or as a branded product of a sales range - or one way or another. And with this initiative, we then jointly strengthen the general trend towards sustainability with something beautiful.

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Beach bags Net bag

On the beach you don't have to drag all the sand home with this IT bag. Smallest parts have no place in this net. Wallet, mobile, apple, book and notebook as well as towel, sun cream fit into this beach bag and maybe even the bath towel. Then nothing falls out. Wet does not smell bad. And when you arrive at home, nets do not need to be folded properly. They are simply cool and always casual. Perfect, the beach bag.

In style nets are design classics. Labelled in style nets made of cotton, trend bags directly from the manufacturer

Net bags made of cotton with its mesh structure have a relaxing aesthetic effect on the eye in their regular structure. The naturalness of the cotton you get with our In Style nets classically woven. The direct resemblance to fishing nets underlines the maritime, outdoor and sporty image of these new It bags.

Net carrying bags

Today's networks are not a repetition of granny's times, but are in a completely different context of sustainability. Net bags communicate youthfulness, openness and love of life. If you only want to see granny's times and granny's shopping net, you are missing the essence of the trend. Nets are archaic and hypermodern, reduced to the essential. They belong to our network company and are therefore trendy.

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Point of sale. Shopping net bags for assortment stores. Advertising savings sets as promotional gift. Single packaging.

Paper banderole as packaging material in the sales presentation. We would be pleased to tie the nets with your label also with a printed paper banderole. We can also deliver the bags as a set in two or more colours as a sales set with paper banderole or also in two sizes bundled with paper banderole. Talk to us.

Thanks to the paper banderole, you then do not need a presentation with plastic in sales.

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Shorter distances, regionality

We produce for you in Europe in the Mediterranean area, near Europe.

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