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Felt bags

Felt bags with printing as advertising bags

Felt bags carry clear messages like your BRAND pure without frills, your slogan in pure essence, without accessories. Felt bags are therefore bursting with self-confidence. Felt bags can be imprinted in screen printing. Under the above colors, choose your company color. Ask for a felt bag.

Some felt bags as an example:

Felt sample

What are felt bags made of?

- Felt bags do not convey a reserved coolness. Instead, they convey warmth and belonging.

- Felt is not a highly developed market. This material is advantageous for insulation for recording studios, for example, because it absorbs sound very well. If your competitor makes too much noise in the market, then you can compete with your bags.

- Felt bag also hardly allows water and moisture to pass through. This way, your goods or your presentation material is well placed in the noble sales pocket.

Some felt bags as an example:

Felt bags

Felt bags for shopping

Do you want an advertising bag for your company? Should they be stylish and used for shopping? Felt bags are modern city shoppers and then carry your brand. As a result, your brand is among the top brands, which are often worn.