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Cooler bags, insulated bags, isothermal bags

The different types of isothermal bags

Isothermal bags come in several types, in several models.

Allowing to keep an ideal temperature for food and drinks which they contain there is thus different materials, processes of manufacture, dimensions, etc...

For example, we have cooler bags that look like the iconic cooler, insulated bags and isothermal pockets.

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Cooler bags

The cooler bags are actually related to the cooler with their large storage capacity and their ability to keep the ideal temperature for a long time.

In general, these cooling bags are composed of an outer fabric layer, a thick layer of insulation, and an inner layer generally of plastic material which is suitable for contact with food for safety and hygiene reasons.

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Insulated bags

The insulated bags are bags that are often used for shopping, they are found in stores in the frozen departments, fish and fresh shops. They have an average storage capacity but allow to keep a good temperature relatively long.

These bags are made with a plastic or metalized outer layer, a thin layer of insulation that may be expanded PE foam, and a plastic inner layer that is suitable for food contact for safety and hygiene reasons.

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Isothermal pockets

Isothermal pockets are equivalent to insulated bags but have a small storage capacity. This is why this type of product is used in medicine to preserve vaccines and other heat products, even if they also serve to contain food.

Insulated bags are made of the same materials as insulated bags and therefore have the same properties.

For more information, please click here: (link to the page about these bags)

Types of closure

Indeed, several types of closure are available to you for the realization of your isothermal bags. Note that the cooler bags are much more effective with a zipper (flash). Here are the different closures we offer:

  • • Zipper
  • • Velcro
  • • Clips
  • • With snap buttons
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Velcro closures are often used for insulated bags as well as clips closures. These two means of closure effectively allow the bag to be hermetically effective. If these two types of closure are effective there is also the zipper which is even more. That’s for this reason, among other things, that the cooling bags have a zipper and that they well keep the temperature.

Information and advices

Bagobag offers its services in terms of information and advice for these isothermal bags, just call us, and we will be happy to help you.

Also, even if you do not see the bag that you want on our site, you are invited to call us to tell us about your projects, we will certainly be able to provide you with what you need.

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