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Cooler bags

Cooler bags are the replacements for the iconic cooler, they are large and have a large storage capacity. The cooler bags are often used for picnics, they are kept for years by their users. If picnics are not so common, fresh and frozen food shopping are more often. This is the interest of the cooler bags.

If these bags are useful for their users, they will be even more so for you with an impression of your logo or your image, they are a huge nomadic advertising tool, they attract the eyes of interested people immediately out. In addition, the impression we offer is safe because water-based, an ecological touch that is not negligible in today’s world.

Cooler bags are generally composed of a woven fabric on the outside, a separating layer on the inside and then an insulator slid between the fabric and the separating layer.

Certification of materials

The products we offer are particularly interesting because the materials used are certified for contact with food regarding hygiene and safety. It is a pledge of quality essential for this kind of products which does not go without saying that their production does not emit CO2 emission, an asset of size again for our time. 

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