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Plastic Sacks, Plastic Carrying Bags, Printed Sacks

  • Alois Dallmayr coffee, LDPE DKT bag, 50µ, 6 color, CMYK PMS gold 872 9184C, 35.8 cm x 45 cm

Example: DKT plastic bag with printed front side – Dallmayr

Alois Dallmayer Kaffee crème + podomo DKT plastic bag

Material: White LDPE, primary material, 50 micron thickness

Die cut carrying handle with reinforcement

Printed in flexo printing, 6 colours, CMYK + PMS gold 872 + pantone 9184C

Format: 38.5cm wide x 45cm high

No base, no side folds. Rear side.


  • Alois Dallmayr coffee, LDPE DKT bag, 50µ, 6 color, CMYK PMS gold 872 9184C, 35.8 cm x 45 cm

Example: DKT plastic bag – rear side – Dallmayr

Dallmayr classic, DKT plastic sack

Die cut carrying handle with clear, transparent reinforcement

LDPE transparent, clear , primary material, 50 micron thickness

Printed using flexo printing, 7 colours, CMYK + Pantone PMS gold 872 + pantone PMS 9184 + pantone red 485C

Format: 34.8cm wide x 45cm high, 2 x 5cm folded base

Holes in the corners (in order to allow air to pass through quicker while packing / welding)


  • Alois Dallmayr coffee, LDPE clear transparent, DKT bag, 50µ Flexographic printing 7 color

Example: Transparent DKT plastic bags – Dallmayr

Dallmayr Classic, DKT plastic bag, die-cut handle with clear, transparent reinforcement

Printed using flexo printing, 7 colour, CMYK + pantone PMS gold 872 + PMS 9184 + Pantone red 485C

Format: 34.8cm wide x 45cm high

2 x 5cm folded baseHoles in the corners (in order to allow air to pass through quicker while packing / welding)


Print Plastic Sacks and Plastic Bags

Bags Printed With Your Design


Plastic sacks were introduced in Germany by Horton in 1961, and quickly became the tried and true practical standard for shopping bags.

They've remained so until today. In retail use, plastic carrying bags have proven themselves as an inexpensive choice. Designer labels, department stores, and grocery stores choose plastic bags. But inexpensive bags don't have to look cheap: design possibilities for printed plastic bags are almost endless. Their form, their handles, their colours, the thickness of the plastic, and the individualized promotional message on the bag body can all be determined according to your wishes.

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Printed Sacks – Here's How It's Done -

Besides white and transparent, the foil laminate used to print plastic bags and plastic sacks can be dyed to about a dozen attractive colours.

Because it is optimally suited for printing, our clients normally opt for a white foil. All foils, however, are sturdy, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

The foil for plastic sacks is printed directly from the roll, then cut out and welded in one work step. We use a flexographic printing machine (gravure printing) and then mechanically finish the material into bags.

Special colours like metallic tones, etc., are well-suited for use on plastic carrying bags, but are somewhat more expensive because of the more complicated finishing process.

The thickness of the material used varies between 10 microns (= 0.01 cm thick) and 100 microns, depending on how the bag is to be used. For shopping sacks, clients generally use materials of 40 to 60 microns.

The designs you send to us are digitally transmitted to printing plates made of polymer resin. These printing plates – called stereotypes or clichees – can be used for up to 500,000 printings.

Since the actual cost of the clichees depends on your layout and your data, we can provide a quote for the clichees after we have determined your final printing data. Of course, we are happy to have an initial personal consultation with you about the possible costs of your plastic sacks – before you make your final decision.

Our standard bags include, among other possibilities:

Which Format is Right For My Plastic Sacks?

Your choice of format is quite free, and is made according to the purpose of your bag. It only rarely happens that the format you plan is impossible to create for technical reasons. Which width and which height – which depth for the sides and base are you planning? Let us know your ideas for your plastic carrying bags! We always do our best to satisfy our customers.

The Modern, Super-Low Price Advertising Bag – Printed Plastic Sacks

Printed plastic sacks are universally known and loved by customers. Printed plastic sacks are promotional materials which cost very, very little and can be widely spread in very high numbers. There are critics who reject plastic sacks for ecological reasons, but the majority still does use this practical helpmate on a daily basis.

The essential strength of the plastic sack is being ever-present just at the moment the customer is leaving the shop with purchased goods. The time between purchase and paying for goods always offers the ideal moment and space for using the combination of features offered by plastic sacks from bagobag: long-lasting, supportive advertisement and carrier. Since this situation always occurs when customers are buying something from you, you can create a high level of advertising frequency in this space, using plastic sacks for your purposes. With inexpensive and ever-necessary plastic sacks in large numbers, you create a memorable advertisement for your company.

Buy Printed Plastic Sacks and Sell To Your Advantage

Customers themselves finance and spread your advertising campaign by buying your plastic sacks. Printed plastic sacks aren't really a cost-neutral advertisement, but rather an advertisement which can be sold to your customers. Besides spreading your advertisement, printed plastic bags also bring profit without themselves being a specific product. This is an exception, economically speaking. The bag is an aid in purchasing, just like a good parking place or a shopping cart – it's a carrier for products purchased, a necessary servant and not a typical retail product.

Plastic sacks represent a win-win situation for your business – as mass produced carrying bags, they are serviceable advertising surfaces which also create profit for you.

Plastic sacks are sold to customers in the checkout lines of grocery stores for a much higher price than they are ordered for at bagobag! And we even deliver them to you free of charge throughout Europe. Of course, the quality of the plastic bag should be very good, so that you can make a long-lasting positive impression in your customers' minds. You can't go wrong with plastic carrying sacks from bagobag; as professionals, we place a high priority on quality in carrying out your designs. We are happy to advise you before you make your decision. We know that our customers are spreading their brand and their design through our mass-produced plastic sacks. We win your customers through excellent printing quality produced on your plastic bags. Turn to us if you want to spread your message in a high advertising frequency – we have just what you need!