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Double Layer Carrying Sacks (Die Cut Handle With Reinforcing Panel)

The double strength carrying bag - This bag has it all!

Double strength carrying bags are bags & Depressed handles and reinforced plastic panels glued in around the de - cluded handle. Due to reinforced panel themes, which are & Hardly visible from the outside, double strength carrying bags are much more durable than those without reinforcements. The thickness of the material is so important in the mining of sustainability, Of a bag (Measured in or microns). The same factors come into play When the size of the miniature terminal operation, the format, color and printing for dual force bags as for plastic bags with handles cut off Or simple straps.

Double Strength Bags - The Robust Alternative For Printing Classic Promotional Bag

You have a wide range of options to create your own design to communicate your company's business message. Double plastic strength bags are a little more expensive than simple leaf bags with cut off handles, but can be printed in small order sizes of only 5000 pcs. For, Even more durable replacement, see our welded transport Handles on our handled bags.