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Non-Woven Drawstring Bags

Example: Non woven sports bag, backpack, drawstring bag with view window, marathon bag for Aktiv Leben, Austria

Order: 8,000 pieces

Format: 35 x 40cm + approx. 3cm (width x height + folded rim)

Material: 110 g/m² non-woven material dyed red

Printing: 1 colour black, logo, front side only (rear side view window)

Handles: 2 white PP cords with knots running through the folded rim. Diameter 6mm, running down both sides two cords to the two metal grommets placed in the base, knotted. 4 x 40cm + 2 x 35cm + 40 cm extra = 270cm for each bag.

Metal Grommets: 2 metal grommets placed in the lower corners

Finishing: Sewn sports bag. Cords running through the folded rim and then through grommets.

View Window: PVC window suitable for business cards, transparent, placed directly under the middle of the back of the bag, window size 6cm high, 9cm long, bonded.

Packaging: Secure and easy to carry boxes, on pallets.

Shipping: Free shipping via sea and duty paid to a curb or ramp, 200 pieces / box, box size 37 x 42 x 40cm

Delivery Deadline: 25 production days and 4-5 weeks shipping by sea, possible to send parts by air (with extra charge)


Drawstring bags or backpacks can be manufactured from PP non woven fabric.

These bags are also called sports bags or workout bags. It's also possible to combine various material thicknesses, laminations, colours, and designs with drawstring bags. The most common variations are lightweight drawstring bags without lamination with two polyester cords running in opposing directions which are knotted through metal grommets on the lower corners, run up the long sides of the bag, and are threaded through the whole folded rim. These types of bags have the advantage of being easy to open and close and can be carried as backpacks. Variations with reinforced bottom corners and thick cord are especially long-lasting. We are of course happy to try and implement your individual ideas as far as possible with drawstring sacks.

You should also be aware that we can manufacture bags with drawstrings out of nylon and cotton as well. Generally, we print these bags using screen printing and use simple logos and printed mottos, but we can also offer drawstring bags with lamination and with photo printing.

Drawstring sacks of this type are common in sport, in shoe stores, and at children's festivals. Whatever their use, you will receive a long-lasting carrier for your advertisement.