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Have exclusive paper carrying bags printed, with a minimum order size of 300 pieces.

Do you need printed paper carrying bags with a short turnaround time?
Our exclusive paper carrying bags are a quick way to get promotional materials.

Just a few of the advantages of our exclusive paper carrying bags:

First class design reproduction. Photos and graphic designs as well as logos are brilliantly reproduced. Let your eyes be the judge: to human eyes, pictures printed on card stock are the clear optical favourite over designs on plastic foils (on foil carrying bags, PP woven bags, laminated non-woven bags, etc.). While these offer similar design capabilities, they don’t offer the brilliance of paper carrying bags, which have a clear advantage.

  • Example: Printed exclusive paper carrying bags - Promo Nivea Hair Care, Beiersdorf AG

    Order: No information

    Format: 23cm wide x 30cm high x 10cm deep + 5cm folded rim

    Material: 200 g/m² yardstick

    Printing: 4/0 colour offset CMYK printed on complete exterior surface

    Additions: Glossy foil lamination

    Cord: Cotton, length 45cm, diameter 6mm, colour: white

    Finishing: As exclusive paper carrying bag with integrated base and rim reinforcement

    Shipping: Secure packaging in boxes, to multiple addresses in Europe


  • Look at the cotton cord white, knotted behind the border, Nivea bag

Designers all know how to work with offset printing and the standards for printing processes used with Printed paper carrying bags. You won’t be confronted with any surprises. This saves time, allowing designers to easily work with our printing process. We are able to quickly provide printing approval for your paper carrying bags, allowing you the security of knowing you will meet your delivery deadlines for trade fairs and events. 

Exemple: Exclusive printed paper carrying bags - Alete, Nestlé AG

Order: 10,000 Pieces

Format: 30cm wide x 10cm high x 26cm deep, 5cm folded rim

Material: 170 g/m² kraft paper

Printing: Offsetdruck, 4-farbig CMYK plus Pantone Reflex Blue

Additions: Glossy plastification

Handle: 2 x 85cm cotton cord (Ø 5mm), colour: white

Finishing: As exclusive paper carrying bag , with folded rim, integrated rim reinforcement 500 gr/sqm, glued in base reinforcement 500 gr/sqm, white

Packaging: Secure and easy to carry packaging in boxes, (of 100 pieces), on pallets


The exclusive value of paper carrying bags

High quality look and feel. Cord handled carrying bags with graphic advertisements carry the corporate identity of your company and attract attention. This type of paper carrying bag is a stylish addition to your firm’s ad campaign. Exclusive paper carrying bags don’t collapse during use, when carried, or when set down, unlike cotton carrying bags. Potential customers might have a hard time deciphering your message from the side of a partially collapsed cotton bag - exclusive paper carrying bags offer you a genuine, clearly placed advertising surface on which your advertisement remains on permanent display. Your message won’t collapse from time to time; it will turn heads and be seen. When printing paper carrying bags, you will work with a contoured bag, not a sack. Your message shines on individualized paper carrying bags and their clear form allows the eye to rest on the designs you present. The bags offer what you expect: clarity and security. When you use paper carrying bags, you achieve lasting presence when it counts - the moment when advertisements battle for the consumer’s attention. The paper carrying bags you hand out leave a lasting impression on trade fair attendees, and accomplish what really matters at just the right moment. Whether your bags are used later at home or thrown into the washing machine is not important for goal oriented advertisements. The consumer only remembers who has been deemed the winner at the fair in the eyes of the visitor. Paper carrying bags want to influence this judgment during the event and not necessarily be useful later in everyday life. Paper carrying bags are like bishops or knights in the game of chess - moving freely and focusing on predetermined goals. The checkmate is what counts, not cleaning up and putting away the board after the game.

Example: Exclusive printed paper carrying bags - Silenzio Music AG (Europe), Germany

Order: 2,000 Pieces

Format: 42cm wide x 35cm high x 12cm deep + 5cm folded rim

Material: 250 g/m² card stock (best for photo and picture reproduction in printing paper carrying bags)

Printing: Offset printing, 4 colour CMYK, The gold look appears without a fifth colour, and only through CMYK

Additions: Matte cellophane

Cord: Cord, PP (Synthetic), 2x80cm long (shoulder length), 6mm diameter, color close to pantone 5815, knotted

Finishing: As exclusive paper carrying bag with reinforced base (650-900 g/m²) and integrated rim reinforcement (450-650 g/m²)

Packaging: Secure and easy to carry packaging in boxes, on pallets

Shipping: Free shipping to an address in Germany


Paper carrying bags for exquisite house guests.

Having exclusive paper carrying bags printed and offering them at events is a part of good taste; the exclusivity of paper carrying bags printed specifically for a convention lends status to an event and its participants. Paper carrying bags with individual designs for your event or jubilee celebration is even expected as an advertisement or give away by your guests.  Even at small events, or for a small circle of special guests, paper carrying bags can offer a sense of exquisite taste without appearing pompous.

Example: Offset printed paper carrying bags - Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Germany

Order: 500 Pieces

Format: 30cm wide x 40cm high x 10cm deep + 5cm folded rim

Material: 210 g/m² American Bristol, white, one sided printing

Printing: 1 color - blue = Pantone 281C + White as negative print

Additions: OPP foil lamination, matte

Cord: PP (Synthetic), Ø: 6mm / Colour: white length 2x50cm (hand length) / knotted

Finishing: As exclusive paper carrying bag with integrated base and rim reinforcements

Shipping: Free shipping (an address in Germany), to a ramp or curb


Exclusive gifts should be distributed in exclusively designed paper carrying bags.

Exclusive paper carrying bags are affordable even in order sizes of 500 pieces, and in comparison to other forms of advertisement, they’re quite a bargain!  

Example: Two colour printed paper carrying bag with embossing - Lange Uhren, Glashütte, Germany

Order: No information

Format: 28cm wide x 40cm high x 12cm deep + 6cm folded rim

Material: 210 g/m² one sided printing (ivory board), in FSC design if desired

Printing: Offset printing, 2/1 color pantone colours (inside of bag printed), base reinforcement 1/0 colour pantone also printed

Additions: - Matte OPP foil lamination exterior,
- interior matte printing protective varnish,
- blind embossing deeply embossed in both front sides, Size of the blind embossing approx. 20x4cm.

Cord: Cotton cord, diameter 6mm, length 2x61cm, cord ends closed with 2 silver elite clips, cord holes with grommets, grommets and cord similar to desired pantone grey

Finishing: As exclusive carrying bag with base reinforcement and integrated rim reinforcement


Paper carrying bags with graphically suited event identifiers excite participants and quickly create a feeling of belonging.

Paper carrying bags with graphic designs suited to an event create community. Events without advertising presence are experienced less positively by participants. These events are seen as less meaningful. Paper carrying bags allow you to literally reach out to participants as you pass them out. Paper carrying bags are an expected advertising gift, and gladly received. The paper carrying bag you offer also signals personal attention, and a personalized greeting. It creates a relaxed atmosphere among participants, making them feel satisfied and open to your message. Although this is certainly true of congress participants, it also occurs among wedding guests and guests of other events

Your wedding should be your event and your character should remain ever present. Paper carrying bags printed individually for you and your important day achieve this type of value and attention

If you are exhibiting at a trade fair, the effort you put into your exhibition should be worth your time, and paper carrying bags can accomplish this. Paper carrying bags handed out at your stand open a channel of communication and relax both sides of the transaction during conversation. You are able to easily provide your visitor with everything he might need from you. The visitor receives a permanent advertisement. There’s no need to drive to a trade fair if you don’t plan to achieve your advertising goals. Paper carrying bags are an essential part of this achievement. Use paper carrying bags to both passively and actively display your message, allowing your visitors to show other participants that they’ve visited you when they carry your paper bags - even to the booths of your competitors! Let your visitors do the work for you by spreading your advertisement through the whole trade fair.

Last but not least: exclusive paper carrying bags create a mobile space for your image presentation. Show yourself as a strong presence at the fair - use large paper sacks carrying a strong message!

Large paper carrying bags occupy a dominant position in the visitor’s perception.

Paper carrying bags are the best tool for actively drawing your visitors into your advertising campaign. Paper carrying bags they carry create human advertisement in motion. By being used and being omnipresent, paper carrying bags engrave your message on the minds of fair participants. Leave the fair as a winner.

Our standards include, among others: