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Bag Shapes – Width, Height, Depth, with Flap or without – You Decide!

When you choose woven bags, you're completely free to determine their size, shape, and style. Whether it's a simple box form with two short or two long handles or with both two short and two long, or a simple woven messenger bag with a wide strap or with a flap or belt – it's your choice. For messenger bags with a belt, which may also be called shoulder bags, courier bags, or college bags, the belt may be either adjustable or non-adjustable, and you can include a shoulder pad or leave it out. We will advise you in your choices and help you realize your plan.

We manufacture custom woven bags for you in every conceivable format. The majority of our customers come back again and again. They choose us because they trust our advice. As bag manufacturers, we never forget that our prices need to be wholesale rates.

If you decide for a woven carrying bag model with a base and side panels, it's possible to reinforce the stitches of the bag with edge binding made of polyester, rayon, or cotton. This not only makes the woven carrying bag more stable, but improves its appearance as well. In manufacturing bags with a base but no side panels, the corners are sewn on the inside.

In this case, however, we can also offer you a version with binding. The binding would then be on the inside of the woven carrying bag and would protect the interior stitching and corners.

Do you need a permanent, flat base for your woven carrying bags which can handle any load? No problem. We would be happy to offer you a version with an integrated or even a doubled base.

Woven carrying bags in a trapezoidal shape are especially eye-catching.

Another well-loved type of bag is the messenger bag with flap and adjustable shoulder strap (college bag), which can also be equipped with various closures.

Additionally, in order to improve the appearance of any of these bags, you can choose a different material for the interior of the bag like cotton or polyester, or even an interior lamination with a different foil and different colour printing. Bags should delight the customer from the outside as well as when he looks inside.

If you are interested in special formats, custom finishes, or manufacturing with a particular material, we would be happy to personally advise you on your choices.

  • Layout, PP Woven flap bag

Example: Woven carrying bag manufactured as bag with flap, Weidmüller, Germany

Order: 5,000 pieces

Format: 30 x 40 x 10 cm (width x height x depth) plus flap

Material: 120 g/m² PP woven , matte lamination

Printing: 2-colour on the flap, rest of the woven carrying bag pantone 152

Printing Process: Complete cost included in final quote, no further costs

Handles: One woven nylon carrying strap, length 110 cm, width 3.5cm, length not adjustable, colour black

Finishing: Binding tape of PP woven sewn on the corners over stitching as a closure, colour pantone 152

Flap: Yes, bag with flap

Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes, on pallets

Shipping: After printing approval free shipping (to one address in Germany), taxes paid, to a curb or ramp