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Stone paper bags (Tree-free)

Stone paper bags (without cellulose) / tree-free – eco stone paper bags

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  • Stone paper carrying bags
Example: Exclusive stone paper bags – Tree free Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Order: 3,000 pieces

Format: 35 cm wide x 25 cm high x 10 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim

Material: 250 g/m² tree free stone paper

Printing: Offset printing 4 colours, two-sided and all around outside

Additions: Printing varnish

Handle: PP cord, close to Pantone 424C, Ø 5mm, effective length 45 cm with knot

Finishing: Exclusive carrying bag, folded rim of approx. 5 cm, included rim reinforcement 450 g/m², glued-in base reinforcement 450 g/m².

Packaging: Packaged in easy to transport and secure boxes of 100 pieces

Shipping: No charge shipping on pallets, (to a curb or ramp), Slovakian address


Stone paper bags – Tree free premiere in Europe!

bagobag bags made of stone paper in real use. Limestone replaces wood cellulose as a component of the paper. “Grinding stones instead of cutting forests” could soon become a matter of course. Stone can replace wood in paper. In Asia, companies have already been producing paper carrying bags from powdered stone instead of conventional paper. Berlin bag specialist bagobag successfully pioneered this “Stone Age” innovation in Europe in January 2009.

After only a small series of promotional bags as giveaways, the interest in this alternative to conventional paper and to classic paper carrying bags is huge. The eco-world is interested as well; at the world's largest eco-friendly trade fair in Nuremberg, the stone paper bags were already out of stock on the first day. The German spice company Nesse placed the order for this experiment.

Tree-free is the slogan of the bag innovation, and now also made in Europe. In replacing conventional paper in, paper carrying bags these bags completely forgo the use of cellulose from felled trees.

Because of the paper industry's lobby, only about 80,000 tons of paper are currently manufactured every year from stone. This restriction is not dependent on shortages in the raw material, stone. Paper made of stone has the same advantages as paper made from trees; it is just as easy to write on and print and is even easier to fold and form. Stone paper is even more tear-resistant than conventional paper with the same thickness, which is advantageous for a shopping bag. Energy use in producing stone paper puts a lower strain on the environment than conventional paper manufacturing. Acids, lye, and bleaching agents aren't necessary at all. Per ton of paper, 20 less trees are felled and 107 kg less emissions released. The components of stone paper are 80% limestone, bonded with 20% PP and PE. Returning these materials to the environment occurs as with egg shells. Carrying bags made of stone paper decompose from exposure to sun, wind, and weather, turning to non-toxic dust.

Download this presentation about our stone paper bags as a PDF Document.