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Non Woven Pillow- and Bed-Bags

Example: Promotional bag

Order: 5,000 pieces
Size of intended contents: 67cm wide x 37cm high x 13cm, deep reference for mass production is sample production bag (contents will be a pillow)
Measurements (outer measurements): 75cm wide x 45cm high (no base, no folded sides)
Material: 90 g/m² non-woven material, honeycomb pattern, clear colour matched to pantone 7529U, PE lamination 0.08mm, transparent
Edge binding: On all seams
Front Side:

- Upper section: Non-Woven (75cm x 6cm) with grommets

- Middle section: Transparent PE foil (75cm x 30cm) with document pocket

- Base section: Non-Woven (75cm x 9cm)

Rear side:

- All Non-Woven, same as rest of bag

Document / Advertisement Pocket: Transparent PE foil (interior size 30cm x 21cm, fits A4 documents) welded inside, visible on left side of foil (see upper of two pictures); A4 document pocket, placed 9cm beside the left window corner
Handles: PE cords in colour pantone 7529 U, hand length (20cm + knots), metallic coloured grommets, opaque PE reinforcement, 1.5mm thick and 2x15cm wide
Zipper: Type S40 (good quality), colour near pantone 7529U, runs between two handles.