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Printing paper bags increases your image and sales.

Paper bags printed for you. Exclusive paper bags and carrying bags with a minimum of only 300 pieces. Small and large orders. Short or long turnaround times.

Example: Exclusive paper bags - printed -
Gütersloh, Germany

  • Order: 25,000 pieces
  • Format: 40 cm width x 30 cm height x depth, 10 cm + 5 cm fold over
  • Material: 170 g / m² art paper, coated on one side
  • Printing: Offset printing, CMYK 4/0-colored full surface (outboard around)
  • Finishing: glossy film lamination
  • Rope: Cotton rope, Ø 5 mm, color: white, length: 2 x 80 cm, knotted
  • Processing: an exclusive carrying bag with soil, carton 650 g / m² and an fold over, gain 650 g / m²
  • Packing: conveniently and securely stored in boxes of 40 pieces each, on a pallet, labeled cartons.
  • Delivery: about 9 weeks after ready to print

Printed paper bags directly from the manufacturer.

Exclusive Paper Bags and Kraft Paper

Please take a look at our exclusive paper bags and kraft paper bags. You can find multiple examples of both types of paper bags with printing we've created for our customers using the menu buttons to the left.

This is the easiest way to decide what suits your purposes. We would also be happy to advise you directly over the phone.

Our paper carrying bags present themselves and your advertisement as high quality, multi-functional, and unique. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable paper bags and will support you in making design decisions.

We will analyze your cost-benefit situation with you step by step and find the optimal solution. Form, colour, and advertising message: we implement your ideas.

Our attention focuses on significantly increasing the value of the paper bag for your company – you'll see a multiplied return on your investment in printed paper bags. That's our goal. Printed paper bags should bring your company added value.

Exclusive paper bags with glued in cardboard bottom, flat handles - Schweitzer, Interstore Design, Italy

  • Order: 1,000 pieces
  • Format: 26 cm wide x 33 cm high x 10 cm deep – (without folded rim)
  • Material: 160 g/m² Algro Design, white double sided matte
  • Printing: Offset printing, 4 colour, different designs on front and rear side
  • Additions: With cellophane / matte foil
  • Handle: Flat paper handle, white, made of kraft paper, glued inside
  • Finish: exclusive paper bag with white flat paper handles, without folded rim, with cardboard base.
  • Pattern: Logo, text, or pictures are delivered by customer, checked by us, and approved by customer
  • Packaging: Neutral, easy to carry, and transport safe packaging in boxes

We print paper bags with your design

We conceptualize and manufacture paper bags as promotional and communicative materials using the “Print Paper Bags” menu.

Normally, cord handles which stick out are secured with knots on their ends on the inside of the bag. By skillfully incorporating the cords into the design of the printed paper bag, the design is visually enhanced and printed paper bags look considerably more high quality when they use cord handles matching their design. Furthermore, extras like bows or bands can be added to the paper bags. Besides the form and size of the bag and its handle type, we offer you the ability to add various upgrades.

Our paper bags are normally printed using offset or flexo printing, which both result in qualitatively higher quality and lower cost results. With large orders and simpler paper bags, we recommend flexo printing. After offset printing, matte or glossy foil can be applied to the whole outer surface of the paper bag for protection. For example, you could decide to upgrade your bags with an additional hot foil stamping with a metallic look or for blind embossing. You're not sure what kind of form, colour, or format you need for your paper bags? Then let us advise you for free.

We also print in neon colours!

How large must an order for printed paper bags be?

  • - Exclusive paper bags require a minimum order of 300 pieces.
  • - Orders of machine-finished paper bags (with flat handles, twisted paper cords, or block bottom bags) require a minimum of 3,000 pieces.

What are the different kinds of printing?

How do they affect the prices of paper bags?

We print exclusive paper bags with the designs you create on sheets using offset printing. The formats of exclusive paper bags vary, but we are happy to use our standard cutting molds for bag sizes, especially with flexo printing on kraft paper bags.
Please provide us with a height, depth, and width for your bags so that we can produce them exactly according to your desired format or in a similar size. If a format differs only slightly from our available cutting molds for paper bags already in production, we will make a format suggestion and price optimization.

Exclusive paper bags with offset printing are folded and glued by hand after printing and cutting and are often deliverable within a week of printing approval. Generally, we require three to four weeks for “Printing Paper Bags” and for packaging and delivery. But a quicker delivery time is almost always possible; please confirm your deadlines and our delivery time when you confirm your contract.

If possible, provide us with your deadline when you create your order. We'll do everything possible to ensure you have your printed paper bags when you need them.
Every day earlier you create your contract with us gives us a longer production time. You save yourself and us a lot of stress with each extra day. If the turnaround time is very short, the situation is similar to an emergency room in a hospital: quite hectic. After receiving our quote, please ask us immediately for a list of dates pertaining to your printing schedule for printing paper bags, so that you can optimize these dates for your project.

Example: Printed paper bags, Aston Martin, Australia

  • Order: 500 pieces
  • Format: 21 cm wide x 30 cm high x 10 cm deep + 5 cm folded rim
  • Material: 185 g/m² white American Bristol, one sided printing
  • Printing: Offset printing, 4/0 CMYK, two-sided outside design printing
  • Finish: Exclusive paper bag with folded rim and cardboard base 650 g/m², reinforced rimapprox. 900g/m²
  • Plasticization: Yes, glossy
  • Hot Foil Embossing: None
  • Handle: Cord length 2 x 50 cm, cotton cord, 6mm white

Are kraft paper bags better for me than exclusive paper bags?

Kraft paper carrying bags with flat handles or twisted paper cords are less expensive than exclusive paper bags.

Here – in our kraft paper section – we print out paper bags using flexo printing. We also use screen printing with small orders, and in some cases, when the kraft paper bags have base reinforcements glued in, we use offset printing.

Formats are standardised with kraft paper bags using flexo printing when orders exceed 100,000 pieces. We usually calculate the standard format for you which comes closest to your desired format. Kraft paper bags can be manufactured completely automatically with a minimum order size of 3,000 pieces; the bag body is formed mechanically after bag printing. The bag's handles are then glued on mechanically to the opening.

Within Europe, the delivery time for machine glued and folded paper promotional bags is between 30 and 70 days after printing approval.

Standard delivery for kraft paper bags is via large truck or hydraulic platform. If you require another delivery vehicle, please ask us. The delivery can be loaded onto a smaller truck with a hydraulic platform. Delivery of our paper bags is always included in our prices, but switching to a smaller delivery vehicle carries added costs.

I only need a small order of printed paper bags of 300 to 2,000 pieces. What do I do?

If you need promotional bags or trade fair bags in an order size of less than 3,000 pieces, please order exclusive paper bags with PP cord or cotton cord.

If the price per piece we suggest is definitely too high for your purposes, then we can offer you kraft paper bags with flat handles or paper bags with twisted cord handles using offset printing or screen printed bags as a substitute. The price is lower than exclusive paper bags, although small order size and hand finishing affects the price. Sometimes, 3,000 machine finished bags can be cheaper than 1,000 exclusive hand finished paper bags!

With small orders of printed paper bags, you'll need to decide which option you prefer:

  • • print a small number of exclusive paper bags – with folded rim, textile cord, base reinforcement
  • • print on stock kraft paper bags using screen printing
  • • print the minimum order size for machine finished paper bags
  • • print an order of kraft paper bags using offset printing, glued and finished by hand – with folded rim and base reinforcement if desired.

I have a store.
How many printed paper bags should I order?

If you have a store and are ordering paper bags with your logo, shopping bags, or printed bags for the first time, it makes sense to adapt your order size to your yearly needs. The costs of storing paper bags is usually smaller than that of printing extra if your order is too small (design and logistics).

If you lack storage space, we have another solution for you: we'll be happy to store your bags for you and send them to you on a delivery versus payment basis.

Besides “printed paper bags,” our standards include:

Paper bags by Bagobag

Elegant and Conservative

Print Paper Bags

    • Good business leads to good business. You just have to demonstrate it.
    • Sales volume is the best advertisement. And volume has to be demonstrated: we bought it here.
    • Your paper carrying bags demonstrate your volume; printed bags illustrate your value in the market. Elegant and conservative. That's what happens when you let bagobag print paper bags for you.
    • The paper bags walking around with your customers carry decisive proof and a signpost for others:
  • Their paper bags demonstrate what every shop owner wants to see: proof of a successful shopping trip with you.

Wearing the Brand

Paper towels

You put your brand on a good business. The distinction. You include your paper bags with the goods you sell, printed paper bags as shopping bags with your distinctive brand and logo.

Your brand travels a long way. Paper bags don't stand still, but move as they are able; they are your scouts and messengers.

When you hand your customers a paper bag, you are sounding the starting pistol. Your customers traveling by foot advertise for you with their printed paper bags. Your customers find new customers for you.

Individually, until they get home or longer. To their families, to their friends, and even at work. Your paper bags with logos go along. They are walking advertisements on paper bags.

Advertising Media

Bags for advertising by bagobag

Your customers on the street are the proof. And the paper bags with your logo and design.

The two together form a package – the human advertiser and your paper bag.

The same is true even when your brand is carried in a crude or flashy way.

Your customer and your paper bag help your business and your sales volume get recognized. Both of them together are evidence of your success. There is no better evidence than demonstrated success. Don't hide your success! Demonstrate it objectively – with a customer and his purchase. Give this evidence your seal of approval with your printed paper bags.

Suspenseful as a Crime Novel

Paper bag of the highest quality

Objectively, the most important piece of evidence is a paper bag you provide.

The instrument for your message is different from the method for proving it:

The instrument for communicating with potential new customers is the paper bag.

With your brand on it.

And the slogan of your current advertising campaign.

The instrument, your printed paper bag, carries the proof, the objects you sell.

The path

Printed paper bags

Paper bags and shopping bags in the downtown area give evidence of the first rule of business: location, location, location.

Your paper bags with logo bring movement to your location. They transform your presence at a store front into a moving object. They become a hyper-location. Immediately, you are able to sell everywhere through the presence of your paper bags. Your store location is always close by through the faces of your customers and their paper bags.

Your customers pick up and pay for goods in your shop, where they become carriers for your advertisement.

These carriers were happy to pay in your shop. They are your customers. Visible everywhere with your advertisement and your printed paper bag.

The security guard

The perfect paper bag

Visible and yet inconspicuous, going about their business.

You see stars on television, or meet them while shopping. Often happily after a purchase, carrying a printed paper bag.

Paper bags are security guards for your goods, and lucky charms for businesses. Your paper bags secure your sales volume, and the lively foot traffic from your customers.

Paper bags are renewable energy for your customer base.

Paper bags let your sales volume grow.

The goal

The a and o for bags

Good businesses have faces. They are happy to let their customers carry their advertisements on shopping bags out into the world. Their paper bags wander from shop to shop.

Up and down the city center. With their paper bags. Through your competitors' shops. Your customers, as carriers for your advertisement, execute cross-promotion for businesses with their paper bags. Even in the businesses of their local competitors.

A good business also makes connections to other good businesses through the movements of its paper bags. Back and forth. Good businesses are connected to one another – visible for everyone on the street through moving paper bags. They quickly remind people of other places they meant to shop today. Your paper bags bring these ideas to the forefront. Your paper bags are out in the world, moving through the city for you.

These little reminders increase the effective reach of your paper bags. New customers are steered to your business by the signal of the paper bag. New faces enliven your shop thanks to your paper bags.

You with us

You with us


bagobag is a customer-oriented full service manufacturer of exclusive, individual paper bags from high quality, finished paper.

We service small store owners as well as the most valuable brands in Europe and worldwide.

Our attention is focused on significantly increasing the value of your business through our paper bags.

We conceptualize and design paper bags as advertisements and means of communication.

We effectively transmit your corporate identity using strategically conceptualized paper bags.

Fit carrying bags
  • We conceptually adapt and integrate exclusive paper bags into larger campaigns as communication strategies and carriers of advertisements,
  • we customize the advertising format of exclusive paper bags to your wishes,
  • as a full service production house, we direct and create the production and the logistics of your paper bags.

Paper bags today are, besides their useful value, multi-functional cultural objects.

Whether they're colorful, offbeat, stylish or elegant.


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