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Paper and Card Stock Types

Papers. Card Stocks. Printed. Unprinted. High class and fine paper, natural papers.

Papers with fabric content or plastic content. For bags with printing. Send us an order for your individualized paper carrying bags. Almost any paper available in the world awaits your selection.

  • Materials, paper, cardboard

Don't overlook the process of full surface foil lamination, a very commonly used technique. Whether you choose matte or glossy, it seals the material you choose not only against environmental influences but also, unfortunately, seals off the feel of the paper. You will feel the surface of the lamination and not the paper or card stock of the bag. If you need a foil lamination, which is often the recommended process for bags, you often only need to choose either a matte or glossy laminated sheet type, since the lamination becomes the actual surface of the bag.

This has one advantage: matte and glossy laminated paper types are excellent for producing high-quality picture prints on printed paper bags. If you decide on foil lamination, the problem of choosing a material becomes much easier. You can also have a glossy foil laminated onto a matte material, and vice versa. Foils can also have various textured surfaces.

First, you should decide how your bag will be used as a carrier of both information and goods. The best combination of additions and choice of paper material is determined according to these needs.

Example: Paper bags with print, card stock: American Bristol, Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe

Order: 5,000 pieces

Format: 35cm wide x 26cm high x 10cm deep + 5cm folded rim

Material: 190 g/m², American Bristol, white

Printing: Offset, 4 colour CMYK / printed surface 100% outside + including folded rim

Additions: OPP foil lamination matte

Handle: Cotton cord, 5-6mm Ø, 2 x 80 cm length (hand length), knotted

Finish: Exclusive carrying bag with reinforced base and integrated reinforced folded rim

Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes