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Chic cotton shopping nets - the trend! The come back of the net shopping bag - from grandma's times.

Cotton mesh bags are very practical and stylish for shopping! Choose your favourite!

Leisure net bags - shopping nets for fruit and vegetables. The hip accessory reloaded. Mesh bags for balls and leisure.

We are happy to produce net bags for major brands such as Adidas and cotton shopping nets. Friends will say right away that I can put balls in there. Yes, these are ball bags for the sports club. That also works. Shopping nets, net bags are rediscovered. They go with you into your free time. They lie together beautifully, saving space when you don't need them. They almost disappear and are very light. Also wet clothes after swimming are well accommodated there and do not wet a closed bag full, into which no air comes.

When you need them, nets immediately unfold an enormous storage space that you can only wonder about at the beginning of your career as a net adept.

The net structure of the net shopping bag has borrowed the simple classic chic, the Bauhaus style. Practical features are combined here with a simple mosaic construction made of cotton fabric. The simple, classic allows beauty to be pleasantly enjoyed for the eye. That's why it makes sense how much fashion has rediscovered the nets, the net structure, the combination in the shopping net. The cotton shopping net is used in the big city by the fashion aficionados to carry everything that cannot slip through the meshes. And that's the vast majority.

Networks create a certain semi-transparency in what they see. Semi-transparency makes you interesting and curious. It has a beautiful ambiguity in fashion. It hints, makes it stand out, creates references, points of contact, fits in with open society, symbolizes it, and also gives erotic allusions. Mesh carrier bags are really chic because they summarize and unite all this. Nowadays you have nothing to hide, more than to show something as a self-confident person.

  • robustes Netz für Sie, Gemüse Netztasche Blau, Netz, strapazierbar
  • robuste Netztasche in grün, Gemüse Netztasche Grün, Netz ist waschbar
  • umweltfreundliche Netztasche, Gemüse Netztasche Rot, rotes Netz für Gemüse

promotional net shopping bag - brand placement on net bags as promotional items

Today, advertising works best when it shows presence on the one hand and is not perceived as advertising on the other. Advertising needs a new self-evidence, an acceptance, in order to function: It shows itself, but is very practical and chic with the object to which it adheres.

It's no wonder that cotton nets are making a career as advertising media. This mixture of geometrically beautiful structure and disappearance to the point of almost nothing, when the nets are not needed, gives the advertising medium exactly the strategic intersection of properties that good advertising needs today in order to unfold.

  • Gemüse Tasche Blau, 11663 innen
  • Gemüse Tasche Blau, 11663 vorne

Mesh bags are therefore very interesting for the advertising industry. They are now a, if not the new highlight as an advertising medium. They can also be combined very well with other promotional items. The advertising itself is placed discreetly on the label between the handles or sewn into the side seams of the nets, in any case reduced to the most necessary and thus to the best. The discreetness of the logo advertising in the handle area really makes a difference.

It's not a posing, it's a statement.

  • waschbares Netz aus Baumwolle für Sie, Größe der Netztasche, dieses Netz ist aus Baumwolle
  • schwarze Netztasche, bagobag Schwarz, Netz, Auch mit Ihrem Namen.
  • umweltfreundliche Einkaufstasche, Gelb Grau. Nicht nur zu Omas Zeiten Trend. Einkaufstasche, waschbar

Net bags and the reduction of the consumption of natural resources, 80% lower consumption of cotton

The use of the raw material cotton is reduced here to the bare essentials.

A mesh bag consumes only 20% of the amount of cotton that an equivalent cotton bag with the same storage space would need.

Style, fashion, chic, hipness, sustainability are combined here with an essential principle of environmental thinking: maximising the use of raw materials, resource efficiency. This law of highest economy symbolizes a characteristic of economy itself: economic use of what one has and uses. This can be continued!

  • netzeinkaufstasche cotton weiß
  • netzeinkaufstasche cotton weiß
  • netzeinkaufstasche cotton weiß
  • netzeinkaufstasche cotton green

Net games. Shopping nets are simply chic in the city.

A colorful variety, for almost every purpose. The practical shopping bag.

  • bunte Netz Einkaufstasche Gelb, Rot, Lila. Sehr praktisch und stylisch zum Einkaufen! Wählen Sie Ihren Favoriten! Netz ist waschbar
  •  Mesh, faltbare Einkaufstasche, Mesh Bag faltbar, Farben, Einkaufstasche, umweltfreundlich
  • robustes Netz mit langen Griffen, Tasche mit langen Griffen, Netz mit langen Griffen, robust
  • individualisierbare Einkaufstasche, Muster aus der laufenden Produktion, Farben, Einkaufstasche, robust
  • robustes Netz für Gemüse, waschbar handliche Netztasche, Gemüse Tasche Natur, Netz für Gemüse
  • umweltfreundliche und vielseitige Einkaufstasche, Henkelmaße, Natur, Einkaufstasche ist waschbar, individuell

Label - also with your name. For your shopping bag.

  • Individualisierbare Einkaufstasche, Label in der Tasche