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R-PET carrier bags have a past life as plastic bottles. What recycled bottles can do!

R in R-PET stands for recycling. Bags from PET recycling.

PET stands for the polyethylene from which the many plastic bottles are made. These also have an ever-increasing share of recycling. In these PET bottles, which are recycled, mineral water, juice or even beer was previously bottled and sold.

The empty PET bottles, which are consumed as bottles, have become a much sought-after recycling raw material.

These plastic bottles are not only recycled in a single grade, but also in a single material, worldwide in the meantime. The bad exceptions are becoming fewer and fewer. Recycling is not only carried out on a pure basis, but also on a pure material basis. The PET bottles are processed into RPET granulate. The granulate is an intermediate product on the way to bags from PET recycling.

Plastic bottles are handled more carefully after consumption because the raw material is in demand today as a recycling material. That's why it's paid for. The state is also giving my specifications the right direction here.

The important thing is that it is committed and not just under duress. If more and more people also find recycled materials good for advertising bags, the demand for these raw materials will increase in the market. The demand helps to prevent these raw materials from entering the environment as waste. The understanding must be changed that raw materials are not garbage!

A raw material that can be recycled into a bag is not garbage. R-PET carrier bags as sustainable advertising bags set an example.

For economic reasons, industry is increasingly taking care itself not to let these plastics end up as waste in our ecological environment. PET is then carefully recycled as a paid resource and returned to R PET.