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Net bags, shopping nets are trendy! Don't miss the tren

Man changes with his everyday objects. This change does not stop at the abolition of the plastic bag.

An abolition requires from then on a replacement by other solutions.

It is precisely in the course of this that a return takes place, here to the everyday object of the carrier bag and its multitude of tried and tested forms. It's about regaining its shape, about dealing with the everyday object bag, the design of a post plastic bag. In short, in the middle of consumption, it's all about being hip and about the tried and tested! From these considerations follows the coarse-meshed It accessory.

  • Bunte Netz Taschen für den Handel
  • Label zwischen den Tragehenkeln, fertig für den Verkauf
  • Netztasche beim Einkauf

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When the plastic bag disappeared from the choreography of everyday life, various alternatives had to be found. They had to be permanently reusable. In fashion, people like to look at what the history of fashion tells us. Perhaps there is even something better in cultural history?

  • Werbeartikel Einkaufsnetz mit Obst
  • Einkaufsnetz Netze
  • Netz Taschen Farbauswahl

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Reconstruction of sustainability, the suggestive power of the authentic historical.

Our path leads from disposable bags to the use of permanent bags. The net bag has been rediscovered. Today the net bag is undergoing a justified revival. It has adapted to modern times.

The woven net as a shopping bag now presents itself as an aesthetic everyday object in permanent use. The shopping net has accumulated cultural history and that certain something. This has conveyed to us the functional aesthetics of the Bauhaus. It belongs to the beautiful everyday. The shopping net was already there before the plastic bag and is now there again.

  • Drei Netze Modeaccessoires
  • Netz Taschen Pantone Farben
  • Netztasche Cremefarbe
  • Netztasche Grün

In the 1920s, shopping nets were still produced in Switzerland and Italy. The inventor was a Czechoslovak businessman Vavřín Krčil (1895-1968).

The 50th - 60th years of nets as shopping bags are now fully in vogue among hipsters.

Their new invention conveys a retro-feeling combination of the analogue, from proven simplicity, unobtrusiveness, transparency and rationality.

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Net bags reduce stress with their clear aesthetics and functionality in everyday life.

Shopping nets mediate shopping in the neighbourhood, Aunt Emma, something non-industrial, understandable. They show factual ties through their functional context, their usefulness. Historical objects can also be experienced in the new edition, their functionality can be experienced. The interim of the plastic bag in history is gone, and we return to what man really needs.

  • Netztasche Orange
  • Rotes Netz Einkaufstasche
  • Netztasche Schwarz

Reinterpretation of the net bag, end of the disposable culture

The big connections are built up from the small. This connection to the everyday symbolizes the net structure of the bag. It has something in common with life in networks. A new network culture. It emerges from participation in the net. Participation is coping with the present. Here the analogy closes.

A net like the net bag is today an analogue symbol of the digital net. But it shows what you want there, too. The net bag is the practical symbol of the end of disposable culture. In this new culture, the value of objects is no longer measured by the price of the objects, but by their constant use.

The return to everyday objects leads the attention to their form, to the personal contact with them. The personal gives them a new value. The same applies then to the advertising effectiveness. Advertising novelties should be no longer throwaway articles. Otherwise they are counterproductive in the target group.

  • Grobmaschige Webtasche Türkis
  • Netz Tragetasche Blau/Weiß
  • Netztasche, Label Bagobag

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Advertising material net bag, advertising label on net bag, company colour

You can order this net bag from us as your practical promotional item, as a giveaway.

The net bag remains discreet as an advertising medium. It carries the company colour. We can sew a textile label into the top between the carrying handles. On this label your logo, your brand or your slogan or simply your web address is noted. Through colour and label you can use the bag as an advertising medium. You have a permanent part in everyday life.

Advertising media convey messages in a much more user-oriented way. They are only addressed to third parties in a second respect.

We manufacture the nets in pure cotton, bleached or unbleached natural, as well as in polyester, nylon or in a material mix of cotton and polyester (polycotton). You determine the material of the knitted fabric, size and colour yourself. We will be happy to look for your company colour in the materials.

  • Netz Taschen, Logo, Label
  • Netztasche bedrucken, Flamingo
  • Badenetztasche bedrucken für den Sommer Strandtasche Hotellerie

The practice. Proper payload. Durable. Large storage space.

The airiness of the mesh bag creates a maximum deformability of the bag with the woven textile. It can be folded into a knot. It doesn't even have to be folded if it wants to be stowed away. It therefore takes up very little space.

Mesh bags are unused, therefore easy to handle, super lightly stowed and behave inconspicuously.

But if they are then used as carrying bags, they unfold a volume that inspires with its capacity. Unpacked items such as fruit, onions and potatoes are allowed in.

Even in terms of load capacity, the nets clearly outperform the plastic bags and many other things. The load capacity may also be 15 - 20 kilograms. After all, the bags are very suitable for potatoes.

The net bag - nets as shopping bags = great carrying capacity.

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  • Weisse Netztasche
  • Farbvergleich
  • Farbvergleich
  • Farbvergleich
  • Farbvergleich
  • Farbvergleich

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The weaving of nets for shopping bags is being re-launched on a massive scale in the textile industry.

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In the Soviet Union, the net was called Avoska as a shopping bag. Some also call them GDR bags with meshes.