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What are actually R PET bags?

The R-PET bags are the soft, flexible pockets of the polyprophyl bags.

R PET bags have become the epitome of permanent bags like our PP bags. R stands for recycling.

The plastic bottles are collected and melted again. Used plastic thus becomes a coveted raw material. Then they are processed again in our carrier bags and printed with your advertising motifs.

As you can see here, disposal companies also love your R-PET bags for their customers to collect and carry. And to represent. Recycling companies

R PET bags print not only allow companies to accent their eco-image. R PET bags simply meet the times.

R-PET bags are hip advertising bags with photoprint and the certain feeling.

Feeling - because they are suppler, almost velvety in the surface. They are the sensitive alternative to the rougher PP woven bags, which you also know from Ikea. R-PET bags are more suitable for more delicate or feminine connotated products.

The popularity of R-PET bags.

The popularity of the R PET bags has contributed greatly to the reduction of plastic bags.

In 2016 the Germans bought 30% less plastic bags from the stores than in 2015.

R PET bags are used over a long period of time, even if they look a bit wrinkled over time.