Auch kleine Mengen bei uns im Shop

Shopping Bags - Advertisement that moves

“One of the foremost tasks of art has always been the creation of a demand which could be fully satisfied only later.”

Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

A Clear Sign

You are a taste maker. You love your product. Your choice.

You love good taste. Your sensibility for the confluence of usefulness and beauty.

Fascinating simplicity.

You sell with passion. Interaction with your customers has changed you.

Your customer is one of a kind. He remains with you – his personality – a welcome guest in your home.

You look forward to seeing him again.

The best days in your shop are days full of such meetings, when the store feels like a busy train station. A salesperson hands your customer a paper bag at the cash register. A bag with your company's logo. The next set of goods are packaged and paid for. The next bag printed with your logo sets out on its way. And so on.

One bag after the other leaves your house. Each bag with your logo accompanying your customer and your wares.

This dynamic trio – your promotional bag, your customer, your wares, is living proof of the quality of your store. Your mobile emblem. Printed shopping bags spread your name throughout the city.

It's simple: when you hand over a bag, you give a symbol of connection. Not for sale; the bag is a give away. Your customer has given you his time and trust, and is happy to take your wares on an advertising campaign tour for you.

You are careful to let your customer take something useful along with him. The promotional bag is of use to both you and your customer. Your promotional bag communicates something positive about your business through your logo and your design. With the bag, your customer shows where he can be found, and where he shops. I put my trust in this store, and I am welcome here!

Closing time. You'd like to take the experiences of the day along with you. You wish it wouldn't end. You want to hold on to the magic of connection.

You want to communicate afterwards. Show yourselves together. Be distinctive. Go out. Embrace lightness.

Take hold with one hand. You have one hand free. In one hand you hold a bag. You're not holding goods in the other hand, you're holding a hand.

A vision of meeting. The freedom of connection. Being happy today.

As a retailer, you want to capture happiness at the end of the sales day.

Your customer understands you. He shows everyone he does with your shopping bag, which he shows to everyone he meets on his way. He displays his satisfaction – and your success!

You have already offered your customers a personal, human touch. You gave everything you could give. And when the customer left your store, you also gave him your good wishes and the goods in his bag as a visible seal on his trust in your brand. Your logo is large on the bag, and all the promises of your brand are carried along with it.

Depart from the obvious – embrace a path of change.

Your sign will return to you changed. Many times. In the present and in the future. To you.

Protect what's new. Display what's new. Increase it.

Be permanent. Give a clear signal. Carry your brand.