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Hipster backpack bags, city backpacks, cool cord closure bags with logo and your design for school, university, shopping and leisure!

The typical shape of the backpack bag is simply one of them today. They now help you to cope with everyday life far away from the gym and sports facilities.

The sports things still fit into it, but mostly the sports bag is taken to university or school today. Sports bags are cool, multifunctional. They are the mini editions of the expensive Hipster backpacks, perhaps therefore the more casual version of both.

Keep your hands free. In between you go shopping with your Gymsack. Then the bought things simply come into the bag, cord open, cord closed. With the rucksack bag one is prepared for every opportunity to do something. Maybe the hipster has to pick up a parcel or an envelope. Then there's shopping to be done on the way. Especially the progressives, the city dwellers who leave the car behind, you can recognize them by the accessory Hipster backpack bag with drawstring.

Freedom for your hands: Urban cord closing bags and backpack bags - the new multifunctional bags.

Drawstring closing bags and rucksack bags are today "multifunctional bags". However, they are no longer carried in the hand, but on the back so that they do not restrict the freedom of the hand. The bag should be easy to carry, regardless of whether something is in the bag or not. The bag on the back is faded out in the attention if nothing is taken out. As an advertising medium, it is there all the more intensively.

The behavior here is completely different than when someone goes home from a particular store with a particular plastic bag in their hand. These bags with cord are for non-linear use. They symbolize spontaneity - even when shopping. Permanent bags are transformed into multifunctional bags that always have something to do for many purposes. Then it is no longer enough to hold them over one shoulder, the cords go over both shoulders. From now on, the bag should be placed on the back and must not disturb. The backpack bag remains automatically closed on the back. The load weight is also the least annoying.

Esprit, youthfulness, dynamism and uncompromising environmental awareness. Who wants to leave such an opportunity for advertising to others? You can have the Kordel closing bags printed by us in smaller editions from 250 pieces and, of course, in larger editions.

Who doesn't want to be there with his message and logo, take advantage of the opportunity offered by this advertising medium. Closed bag with logo for the back, at the moment there is hardly a better place for a logo and a slogan - if you want to reach everyone through the bank. What the boys do is also worn by the older ones, who of course want to stay young and look like that. The advertising novelties for all age groups, are the articles of the boys. The printed closing bag, carried on the back conveys esprit, youthfulness, dynamism and uncompromising environmental awareness. Zuzieh - backpacks are permanent solutions, permanent bags in off-road mode, cool designer bits and pieces combined with eco.

Promotional backpack with logo : Tag your club, your company. The hipster bag printed shows your dynamics.

Hipster bags with logo in combination with a brand radiate everything that counts. Let us print your backpack with your logo in smaller or larger editions. Also photo print is possible with us in the digital print directly on the textile.

Who follows your customer with the advertising imprint on the back with the bike or scooter, sees your logo, your slogan, your club. Order tagged backpack bags! Hipster bag printed!

Life is non-linear and your customers still find their way. Then they should claim this fan article, this permanent give away. Whoever follows will see your logo.

Cycling or skateboarding or scooting, no problem at all. The backpack bag with cord fits the scooter as if the scooter had been invented for the backpack bag. Only your advertising imprint is still missing.

The drawstring - it combines casually with a double running drawstring carrying and closing the bag.

It's already ingenious, the double-running cord and so simple. Simple technique. If I want to open the bag, I take it off my shoulder. Immediately the cord releases enough measure to open the bag. Back on the back, the bag must be closed. For this it pulls itself almost or completely by itself.

The change to the Hipster closing bag with drawstring as a promotional item is totally trendy.

Small backpacks with imprints are the practical alternative to carrying bags. Mobile young people are more likely to take the backpack, the drawstring bag. They have put the carrier bags out of their hands. What is carried is arranged on the back.