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Pen case

  • Four pen case
  • Optical case with 2 pens holder
  • Two pens holder
  • Optical case

The polished finished gives the pen case a fine smooth finishing look. Looking for a red pen, a black or a blue one and can not dind it? Well, this leather case can have 2 or 4 pens. The look of the case gives a very classy look to the product. If you can not find a pen in your bag, you must order now the 2 or 4 pen holder case. The size of the case is perfect to carry in a bag and gives the professional feel you are looking for. That is not it, this pen case can also be a advertising tool for your company, how? You can emboss the name of your company on the case.

You can also order a 2 pen case and an optical case. It is wider and the perfect width to put your reading glasses and pen in the same place. Are you late for a meeting, or going out and often forget the reading glasses ? Well order the leather case which can hold just your glasses or also glasses and 2 pens. Easy to carry, and a very classy look!

It gets even better, you can customize the width and length of the case. So if you have a thick frame of glasses, don’t worry we have a solution for that. Just sent in the size you want and we can make produce it for you.

This is available in different types of leather: Cow analin, Cow nappa, Grainy nappa and light hunter. Just choose the type you want and order now!