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Digital Print Cotton-Polyester-Bags Photo

Here we show you our digital print on cotton bags made from a mix of cotton and polyester.

The mix of cotton and polyester is very common in our clothing. Cotton and polyester as a mix is therefore very common and very present in our everyday life. Polyester makes cotton more cuddly and velvety on the surface, just like when we process pure cotton for printing and then for the bags.

  • Coca Cola Cotton with digital print
  • Coca Cola Cotton bag digital printed
  • Coca Cola bag digital printing
  • Coca Cola Cotton bag with digital prints
  • Coca Cola Cotton bag for digital design
  • Bob Marley Cotton bag digitally printed vinyl bag
  • Elvis Preslay vinyl bag
  • Goldorak Cotton bag printed vinyl bag
  • Johnny Hallday Cotton bag digitally prints
  • Nina Simone Cotton bag with digital print vinyl bag
  • Serge Gainsbourg Cotton bags in digital printing vinyl bag

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