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Reinforced cardboard base and rim for individualized paper bags

Printed bottom box, printed inside of the bag


The reinforced base is a solid piece of cardboard which is carefully glued by hand into the base of the bag. The cardboard reinforcement bears the weight of the goods carried. It also gives a printed carrying sack with cord handles its necessary structure from the base up.

The opening of the paper carrying sack and folded rim:

Folded rims themselves reinforce the openings of paper carrying sacks.

Individualized Paper Carrying Bags from bagobag

This reinforcement can be strengthened by adding another cardboard reinforcement between the two layers of the folded rim of a paper carrying sack. The cardboard is tucked into the folded rim and glued there, becoming invisible. These three layers of material in the upper rim of the paper carrying bag gives an exclusive paper sack its exact form, straightness, stability, and security.

The hole for the carrying handle can be punched through the folded rim. The cord passes through it, and the paper carrying bag becomes an individualized cord-handle carrying bag.

  • Paper carrying bags printed,
News bag, Silver + 293C Pantone printed
  • Inside the bag in blue Pantone 293C printed, protective lacquer inside pocket print, Austria

Example: Exclusive paper carrying bags – printed – Salzburger Nachrichten, Austria

Order: 1,500 pieces

Format: 41cm wide x 31cm high x 10cm deep + 5 cm folded rim

Material: 190 g/m² American Bristol, white, one-sided printing

Printing: Offset printing outside, 3 colour silver / printed surface 100% all around bag including folded rim + black + blue pantone 293C

interior: 1 colour blue pantone 293C including reinforced base

Additions: Glossy cellophane lamination including folded rim, protective varnish inside

Handle: PP synthetic fibres; colour: silver – grey, length: 2x50cm (hand length) Ø approx. 5mm, knotted

Finishing: Exclusive carrying sack with cardboard base and integrated reinforced rim

Delivery Deadline: 3-4 weeks after printing approval

Shipping: Paid on delivery, free shipping to 2 addresses (to curb or ramp)


  • Printed cardboard box, bag with satin ribbon
  • Cosmetics exclusive paper bag printed
  • Paper bag with knotted satin ribbons
  • Carton bag with silk ribbon, cosmetics

Example: Exclusive paper carrying sacks with satin band handles and printed base reinforcement – Claudia Preite, Kosmetik & Mehr, Austria

Order: 500 pieces

Format: 23cm wide x 23cm high x 8cm deep + 5cm folded rim

Material: 190 g/m² American Bristol, white, one-sided printing

Printing: Offset printing, 4 colour CMYK + 1 colour printed reinforced base

Additions: Glossy lamination

Handle: Satin bands; width: 2.0 cm / length: 2x50cm (hand length) / knotted

Finishing: Individualized paper carrying bag with printed cardboard base and integrated reinforced rim.


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