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Handles and Ribbons for PP Woven Carrying Bags

Handles for PP Woven synthetic bags are generally made from grosgrain ribbon (a woven band made of PP, nylon, rayon, or cotton), which is manufactured in a width of 2-4 cm. The length is variable and is generally between 48 and 55cm (hand length) or between 70 and 85cm (shoulder length).

  • Layout outside - KNAST bag
Example: PP Woven bags – interior and exterior lamination, Einrichtungshaus Franz Knuffmann, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach

Order: 1,000 pieces

Format: 55 x 35 x 37cm + approx. 3cm (width x height x depth + folded rim)

Material: Overall approx. 140 -160 g/m² PP Woven, interior and exterior foil lamination on the PP Woven

Gravure Printing: Outside CMYK printing with black, interior monochrome black

Finishing: Sewn PP Woven bag, stitching runs on the interior on short sides a fold in the middle of base, reinforced base.

Snap: None

Handles: Four carrying handles for each bag, woven PP grosgrain ribbon sewn into interior of bag in cross shape, length 2 x 80cm width 3cm and length 2 x 30 cm width 3cm

Shipping: Free shipping by air and ground to one address, taxes paid, (DDP), to a curb or ramp

Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes, on pallets

Delivery Deadline: 21 days after printing approval, including delivery


Longer, wider, thicker, and adjustable grosgrain ribbons and belts are also possible. You also have a free choice of colour. Additionally, we can have your logos and designs woven or printed onto handles for your PP Woven carrying bags (woven in or screen printing).

The iconic bags described above have everything: As PP Woven carrying bags, they have short and long handles of PP band. The ends of the long handles are sewn to the ends of the short handles. Because of this, the long handles simply fall into the interior of the bag when they are not being used to carry the bag over the shoulder and don't get in the way.

Handles can also be sewn into the narrow or into the wide sides if desired – as well as inside or outside.

It's also possible to equip the bag with two carrying bands running along the whole top of the bag. These are useful if the PP Woven bag is really going to be used to carry heavy loads and create an extremely sturdy and heavyweight bag. These two bands do, however, run across the front side of the bag and restrict the size of the printed surface and the ability to print designs. Generally, however, it's sufficient to sew the handles into the interior of the PP Woven bag and not across the whole of the woven sack's surface.

Because of their high level of carrying comfort, extremely tear-proof nature, and their long-lasting quality, woven PP ribbons are the most suitable carrying handles for PP Woven bags and are counted as one of the defining features of the PP Woven bag. Woven promotional bags are incredibly practical and therefore stylish – modern eye-catchers.

Example: PP Woven bag, ifasol, Kremperheide, Germany

Example: PP Woven bags, ifasol, Kremperheide Germany

Order: 2,000 pieces

Format: 40 x 30 x 11cm + approx. 3cm (width x height x depth + folded rim

Material: 120g/m² PP Woven with laminated glossy BOPP foil

Printing: Gravure printing 4/0 colour CMYK including opaque white, gravure printing cylinder included

Handles: Two carrying handles woven PP grosgrain ribbon close to pantone 368C, sewn into interior of bag in cross shape, length 65cm, width approx. 3cm, thicknesses approx. 1mm

Finishing: Exclusive sewn PP Woven bag with an edge binding running around the outsides of the short side panels, close to pantone 368C, sewn on as closure; folds in middle of sides and base; colour tones of handles and binding decided with you by photo exchange.