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PP Woven Bags With Print – Bag Printing – We'll create the Layout for Your PP Woven Bags!

Typically, PP woven bags are manufactured white and are also pre-printed with a white background, in order to achieve a higher colour quality. If desired, we can also manufacture your tear-resistant promotional bag from a dyed PP woven material.

Printing PP Woven Bags – How Does the Technical Process Proceed?

The whole PP woven bag is printable, including the handle. (The handles are generally made of a woven PP band and can also carry an advertising message – it's best if this is woven into the band). The PP woven bag is printed before it is sewn, so that the advertising message appears as clearly and evenly as possible.

As a manufacturer of PP woven bags, we can offer you PP woven with printing on a BOPP foil for the bag body. Only the foil goes into the printing machine in order to create quality printing – just as printing plastic sacks occurs using roll-fed printing, the same technique is used with a foil carrying bag.

This scratch- and tear-resistant printed foil is then bonded to a second material after printing (PP woven) in a flat and strong manner (lamination), so that the surface appears either matte or glossy (Matte lamination only available with weights above 120 g/m²). The PP woven material and the foil cannot be separated after this process and have become one material. After laminating the newly printed foil onto the PP woven base material, we have our printed PP woven material, which we then manufacture into the PP woven carrying bags our customers order. After the “bag printing” comes everything else you select – cutting, sewing, folding, and packaging. Always under the watchful eye of quality control.

PP Woven Bag Printing

The foil you decide on, whether matte or glossy, depends on the design and the intended use of the PP woven carrying bag as well as being a matter of taste: matte foils are more subtle, and glossy ones bright and eye-catching.

Especially when dealing with medium and large sized orders of “bags with print,” and when dealing with photographic designs, we use gravure printing.

Gravure printing can guarantee a colour coverage of 100%, and even supports photo-quality printing and full-surface graphic printing if desired.

When dealing with small orders, we also print PP woven bags using screen printing. In this case, you will receive a simple print (logos, words, and surfaces, but no photo printing) using up to four pure colour tones.

Printing PP woven bags – you're in good hands with us.

Example: PP Woven printed bag Humalog, Kwikpen, Lilly, PPPP Germany

Order: 25,000 pieces ☀ Size: 44cm wide, 36cm high, 10 cm deep ☀ Opening: Folded rim, sewn ☀ Material: 140 g/m² woven PP bonded to laminated glossy BOPP foil ☀ Printing: Gravure printing 5 colour outside (CMYK + Opaque white) ☀ Printing Plate: Includes gravure printing cylinder! ☀ Handle: Woven PP band, colour close to pantone 235, thicknesses approx. 1mm, width 2.5cm, sewn into the bag opening in cross shape, shoulder length 90 cm ☀ Packaging: Bundles of 25, 100 to a box (size of box approx. 48 x 45 x 39cm) ☀ Finishing: Sewn, with an edge binding running around the outsides of the short side panels, close to pantone 235, sewn on as closure (2x7mm) – binding colour same as handle. Folds in middle of sides and base