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Handles and Straps

There are a wide variety of different handles for PP non-woven carrying bags. The most common are handles made of the same material as the bag. They are sewn in two or more layers, with or without edge binding in the same or another colour. Handles are themselves printable, like the bags themselves.

Another option is handles made of grosgrain ribbon (woven PP, rayon, or cotton), which are produced in widths of 20, 25 or 35mm. Lengths are variable, and are usually between 48 and 55cm (hand length) or between 70cm and 85cm (shoulder length).

If desired, handles can also be sewn or riveted to the bags on the small sides or large front panels – and also either on the interior or exterior. Edge binding running around the bag body makes it extremely robust and sturdy, and lined shoulder straps made of polypropylene non-woven with edge binding look particularly stylish and carry comfortably.

Cotton or PP cords also offer great carrying comfort when they're threaded through grommets and knotted. They are available in various colours and thicknesses. Furthermore, promotional bags are also available with stiff carrying handles or reinforced die-cut handles.