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Cotton tote bags with your logo! Cotton bag printing - from 500 copies onwards.

Print Cotton Bags With Your Logo.

If you want your brand to have a long-lasting effect, say it with a printed cotton bag.

Example: Cotton bags Erich Schmidt Publishing House, blue dye according to sample / screen printing


Order: 2,000 pieces ☀ Format: 38cm x 42cm (+- 1 cm) ☀ Material: 140g/m² conventional cotton, dyed blue, close to HKS 31, dyed according to sample bag provided for production ☀ Printing: Screen printing 4/4 colour (white, blue, red, green) ☀ Handles: Long handles 40cm x 2.5cm, sewn in cross-shape onto bag body and horizontally along both long sides of the handles, material doubled ☀ Finishing: Folded rim on the opening and handles sewn in cross shape ☀ Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes of 250 pieces stacked 7 high ☀ Production Time: 1 month plus delivery ☀ Shipping: Free shipping in Germany, Berlin, duty paid


The fact that cotton bags are the most universally known and beloved type of fabric bags is self-evident.

We have hippie culture to thank for that. They made the cotton bag a marketable commodity in their own time, and with the advent of pop music it became a cultural icon.

In society today, bags have to conform to certain standards: a bag needs to be as casual as a cotton sack if it's going to be used in the fashion world. Bags should also be environmentally friendly, natural if possible, and if they're also printed with eye-popping colours then they're state of the art – and it's been this way for quite a while. And today consumers also expect them to be created under fair working conditions and without toxins. They're washable and eternally reusable, making a clear break with consumer society.

Example: Cotton carrying bag, cotton dyed to to pantone reflex blue die Gestalten, Berlin


Order: 5,000 pieces ☀ Format: 39cm x 40cm ☀ Material: 120g/m² cotton, conventional design, dyed conventional cotton ☀ Colour: Pantone reflex blue ☀ Printing: Screen printing, 1 colour white both exterior front sides ☀ Handles: Shoulder length handles, same material and colour as bag, double stitched, 55cm x 2.5cm ☀ Finishing: Exclusive cotton bag with interior sewing in cross pattern ☀ Design: Print-ready PDF file designed and approved by you ☀ Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes on pallets, Carton size: approx. 44 x 44 x 38 cm ☀ Shipping: Free shipping duty paid to an address in Berlin, curb or ramp


Cotton bags were no longer just "Atomic Power No Thanks" or "All you need is love" or "Peace" and many, many signs, stickers or printed graphics like the sun. They were very soon targeted merchandise means not only for rock bands. They themselves became one of the very first products of protest culture, e.g. In the music industry. Merchandising tables with CDs, records, TShirts and cotton bags are still to be found in every important concert.

After the 60th years, bags of cotton were very quickly then in succession advertising medium for everything the new generation wanted to buy.

Example: Cotton drawstring pack with plastic viewing window, sack, Neckermann, Briza Consulting, Austria


Order: 3,000 pieces ☀ Format: 42cm x 37cm ☀ Material: 120g/m² cotton, conventional, colour: dark blue, similar to pantone 281C ☀ Printing: Screen printing 2 colour one sided ☀ Handles: None. Cotton drawstring cord knotted on ends, threaded into stitching in opening of bag. ☀ Finishing: Cotton bag with three-sided sewn in plastic viewing window, 8cm x 5cm ☀ Packaging: Easy to carry, secure packaging in boxes on pallets, carton size 39 x 44 x 30cm, Box contents 200 pieces. ☀ Shipping: Free shipping duty paid to an address in Austria, curb or ramp

Cotton bags make brands likeable.

What does marketing require?

Marketing must draw in style-makers to start a buzz around brands, create great memories, and combine tradition and youthful energy.

What embodies these goals like a cotton shopping bag? The cotton bag itself has, indeed, become the iconic cultural object par excellence.Cotton bags are acceptable today in every situation, and giving customers casual, feel-good service is in their nature.

Cotton bags are now completely accepted and bring with them the casual, committed, critical-cultural feel-good factor with them. It is her character, a touch of Sixties.

Cotton Bags in screen printing


Order: 20,000 pieces ☀ Format: 38cm x 42cm ☀ Material: 120g/m² cotton, conventional, colour: nature ☀ Printing: Screen printing 1-colour, black, double sided (according to the data obtained). All costs for prepress are included in the final priceHandles: two handels made of cotton 120/gm², 60cm x 2,5cm ☀ Finishing: as exclusive cotton bag, inside cross sewnTemplates: Print-ready PDF files are provided, reviewed by us according to your specifications and approved by you. ☀ Shipping: Free shipping duty paid to an address in Austria, curb or ramp ☀ Delivery: circa 75 - 95 days after print share. I will inform you when i have the expected date. 

Today, cotton bags appeal to target demographics with high levels of consumer demand

The target demographic for a promotional message printed on a cotton bag is the responsible consumer who has learned to combine enjoyment with sustainability.
  • Farben Baumwolltragebänder, Baumwolltaschen
Explaining cotton twill, calender, calendering (we do sometimes, if you like to have the tight effect in the material): calender is process which presses fabric between two cylinders.. so it also gives smooth look to the fabric. Adds value to the product. If you need more infos, please contact us. We do it, we don´t only talk about it.


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