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Jute Bags – The Fair Trade Permanent Carrying Bag

Print Jute Bags With Your Advertisement

Custom biodegradable jute bagsWith our jute bags, you'll be providing your customers eco-friendly, reusable bags, allowing your brand to remain visible and remain in mind. Jute bags are the ideal promotional material for companies which demand ecologically sensitive promotional products, and they communicate your ecological stance.
Bags made of jute have become trendy everyday companions and have become a pioneering advertising space for companies who want to reliably emphasize ecological understanding and draw attention from passers by.
Jute bags aren't just reusable, they're permanent carrying bags.

The image of jute has changed considerably in recent years. Jute has made its way out of the third-world market and into the world of mass production, whether fair trade or not. Because of its ready acceptance as a material, jute bags offer a solid carrier for your image. Your logo can be screen printed on jute bags for a reliable and hearty look. Printed jute bags are one of the trendiest promotional materials currently available.

We allow you to create casual shoulder bags, high-class jute bags for boutique use, small and handy jute sacks for sales use, or practical fabric bags for bookshops. Whether you're looking for sporty, elegant, playful, or designer, jute bags will help you meet the trend.

Printed Jute Bags – Today's Brand Representation

Custom biodegradable jute bagsJute bags are reliable companions, practical image-makers for the user. It's easy to store groceries or other goods in a jute bag.
Your customer separates herself from the crowd by never needing to buy new recyclable bags or plastic bags – She simply uses your promotional bag.
Daily use of a permanent carrying bag made of jute makes its ecological usefulness clear, both for the user and for your printed logo; daily use proves the point. Your brand, and your advertisement come alive through the constant usefulness of the bag.
A printed jute bag thus allows you to create targeted, effective public awareness. Jute bags don't paint your brand as a flash in the pan, they convince customers through reliable long-term use.

Bags made of jute are available in many different designs and models at bagobag, for instance with a practical interior key pocket, with a laminated interior, or with short and long handles. Jute bags with a practical zipper closure are also available. We print with screen printing on natural colour jute bags as well as fully dyed jute bags. Just let us know which design you prefer; we are happy to give you a risk-free estimate.

Permanent Bags: Get Your Message Across With a Jute Bag

Custom biodegradable jute bagsCompanies which want to implement forward-thinking marketing campaigns often choose eco-friendly bags. Everyone needs a bag, which is what makes them such excellent promotional materials for your logo. Do you want to set the tone for your marketing programme and widely transmit a positive image for your brand?

Printed jute bags project a trendy, hip image that makes you visible in large cities, a part of city culture. Ecologically speaking, the usefulness of jute bags will only increase. Reusability and ecological consciousness transmit a positive image of your brand, allowing advertisement to promote brand acceptance.

This is because the user remains in constant contact with your advertising message – because he can keep using his jute bag. If the user can identify with the quality of the bag and with the advertising brand, the printed jute sack quickly becomes an indispensable companion. Printed jute bags which can be used as shoulder bags can even take the place of backpacks, coming along to school or university and becoming a permanent bag. Jute bags are reliable, visible attendants, in the supermarket and everywhere else.