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R-PET Bags are bags composed of old plastic bottles. Recycle bottles can do everything!

The RPET bags are the softer, more flexible recycling bags from the family of polypropylene bags.

R in RPET stands for Recycling. PET for the plastic gained from the collected PET bottles. Recycling as a starting material makes permanent bags cool.

  • Aduis, Werken Basteln, RPET Tasche, vorne (10913)
  • Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen, bedruckte RPET Tasche, vorne (11014), Henkel innen vernäht
  • R-PET Tragetasche, Nippon Express, vorne (10902) Recycling Messetaschen
  • Werbung für Fahrradladen R-PET Permanenttaschen bedruckt, vorne (10898) B.O.C.
  • R-PET Shopper, vorne (11013) Brandenburger Urstromquelle, Support für den Verkauf
  • RPET Messetaschen für den Industriehersteller Jean Müller, vorne (11013)

Cool advertising shopper from recycling, bags from RPET plastic bottles.

The PET bottles are first recovered to granules, then recycled into textile webs.

For your PET bags, a tear-resistant foil is printed with your desired advertisment in the size, shape and color you want. After printing, we laminate this ultra-thin film on the RPET textile web.

The processing to RPET carrier bags happens after printing still classic with cut and sewing machines. In addition to the respect for the environment, this gives many people wages, bread and a perspective.

Not only companies that want to accentuate their eco-image, let this sort of recycling bags print with us. Sometimes it is not difficult to do good in everyday life and to meet the spirit of the times. Join in.

They create what helps in the market: the strong demand for environmentally friendly products. We make useful things useful again together.

RPET tote bags all over printed, RPET tote bag (example from our production)

Weight: 140 g/m² RPET with BOPP laminated foil

Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 12 cm + ca. 3 cm (Width x Height x Depth + Border Envelopeg)

Printing: Engraving gravure 4 color 100% print area front and back, side panels + bottom monochrome with artwork 100%

Material: 100% recycled PET material

Printing cylinder engraving: 4 colors inclusive, plus side panels monochrome

Handles: Two loops woven PP tape, length 2 x 70 cm width about 3 cm, black

Sewn as an exclusive, coated RPET bag, Henkel sewn to the edge of the envelope, a binding tape sewn over the seam as a conclusion, in the middle of the center a fold, circumferential piping.


Hippes R-PET with photo print and a certain feeling. Bags to touch.

Because they are more supple, almost velvety on the surface. RPET bags are the sensitive alternative to the rougher PP woven bags that you also know from Ikea. For more delicate or feminine connoted products fit rather RPET tote bags.

  • Message und Imagemaker auf Messen, bedruckte RPET Tragetaschen, vorne (11029) Huberlab
  • PET Werbeshopper aus recyceltem PET, Kiepert & Kutzner vorne (11036)
  • Bedruckte Ökotasche aus recycelten PET Flaschen für Outdoor, vorne (11038)
  • RPET Taschen, Polysor Bates Original Kotilen,vorne (10849)
  • Einkaufs-Shopper  aus Recyclingmaterial mit Marke bedruckt, Rauch Getränke, vorne (11039)
  • Rossmann, PET Tragetaschen matt, vorne (11040)

Environmentally friendly shoppers, from recycling to recycling. The popularity of reusable and permanent carrier bags made of RPET.

The RPET bags have greatly contributed to the reduction of plastic bags.

In 2016, Germans carried 30% less plastic bags out of stores than in 2015.

RPET bags are used over and over again, even if they look a bit creased over time at this performance.


Background information about the material manufacturer of the RPET material we use:

    • Info zu RPETmaterial, Yizheng Jiayu Textile Products Co.

Yizheng Jiayu Textile Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yizheng, a famous city of Jiangsu Province, and was founded in 2011. We devoted to Recycling Resources to make great efforts and contribution to the global environment.

Our main products: Stitch-bonded Fabric, made from 100% Recycled PET. We own Three lines imported from Germany.

    • Detailansicht RPET-Struktur, Yizheng Jiayu Textile Products Co.

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