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Laminated non-woven bags and the boom in the supermarkets

Supermarkets are seeing a boom in sales of laminated non-woven carrying bags. And for good reason. They have become well-used multipurpose bags, shopping bags, or even recyclable bags printed with advertisements or other designs like flowers, animals, or products. These non woven sacks are sold near the cash register as alternatives to the thinner plastic sacks which are always available under the counter.

Laminated non-woven bags are fabric bags which can offer full-surface exterior printing like no other type of bag, and allow you wide freedom in creating your format – with colors, photos, and design.

Exterior Foil Lamination for Non-Woven Carrying Sacks

Because these bags are composed of a printed foil layer bonded to the non-woven fabric, and because this lamination occurs after printing, these bags have both the characteristics of a laminated foil bag and a fabric bag.

Freedom in Designing Your Non-Woven Printed Bags

Because the laminate is printed on rolls before the manufacturing of the bag itself, non-woven bags can offer full exterior printing.

The bag is cut out after the printing process. Non-woven bags are printed from the roll, just like foil bags. For clients searching for an ideal promotional bag with exciting graphic design, printed non woven carrying sacks offer just as much freedom in design as exclusive paper carrying bags.

Often, the handles of our laminated non-woven bags are made of woven PP ribbon sewn into the folded rim on the interior of the bag. Because of these PP handles, non-woven bags can easily be carried over the shoulder. Either short or long handles can be ordered for these promotional bags.

Since laminated non-woven bags don't lose their stable shape, advertising surfaces remain flat and always clearly display your advertisement.