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Non-Woven Sacks - Less Expensive than Cotton Sacks and available in many colours

Example: Non Woven sacks, Opel

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Format: 30 x 42cm (width x height + 3cm folded rim – no base) no depth

Material: 90 g/m² PP non woven dyed according to specified pantone colour (thickness .45mm)

Printing: Screen printing 1/0 colour pantone black, both front sides

Handles: Two carrying handles of same pp non woven material as bag, double layer sewn. Handles sewn into interior of bag in cross pattern, length 2 x 35 cm, width approx. 2.5cm

Finishing: Simple PP non-woven bag, sewn on interior of two sides, no stitching on base. Finished inside out – sewn with exterior on inside and flipped right side out.

Packaging: Packed in secure and easy to transport boxes, delivered in container truck including 2 hours time or on euro pallets for extra cost.

Shipping: Free shipping (one address), duty paid, curb or ramp.


Order confirmation no. 2012-4851A - version exclusive non woven bags

Order: 500 pieces

Format: 40 x 50 + approx. 6 cm (width x height x depth + border perimeter)

Material: 70 g / m² non woven, white

Printing: 2/2-color identical on both front sides, 30% -printing area calculated

Handles: Two trawls made of non-woven material such as a bag, cross-stitched to the inside of the bag, length 2 x 70 cm, width approx. 2.5 cm

Finishing: As an exclusive non woven bag sewn, seam running in

Templates: Printable PDF data are available from you

Packaging: Handy and transport-safe packed in cartons, on pallets

Shipping: Free (an address in Germany), duty paid (DDP), curb or ramp

Date of delivery: Approx. 3 weeks after order placement


There is a very large colour pallet in a standard bag weight of 80 g/m2.

It's best if you let us know the desired pantone colour for dying your bag.

We can then show you the dyed material with a pantone lying on the material for comparison via email. You can decide whether we've met your colour specifications.

The color pallet of offerings in 100 g/m2 is smaller, but please also send us your desired colour for this weight and we will try to deliver the optimal results from our initial consultation.

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