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Lamination – Fabric Carrying Bags

For clients seeking bags with higher printed quality, we offer non-woven fabric carrying bags with a BOPP foil. It flattens the structure of the material, so that your promotional design appears as even and as intensely colourful as possible. The BOPP-foil is welded to the non-woven fabric (lamination), and causes the surface to appear either matte or glossy.

Which lamination you choose depends on the design and is a matter of taste: the matte foil has a subtle and even effect; the glossy one is bright and smooth.

Laminating carrying bags of non-woven materials allows us to create eye-catching and high-class effects: Metallic laminates shine in various metallic tones and give the mat fabric bag a unique and very smooth design.

We also offer textured foils for example in a crocodile look. These make your recyclable bag a real decorative piece. Printing slogans and logos on these bags is also no problem.