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Environmental protection Bag production RPET Carrier bags - R PET Carrier bags print

Not only companies that want to accentuate their ecological image have this type of carrier bags printed by us. These sustainable bags simply meet the spirit of the times and do good in everyday life. In everyday life we have to choose the right products.

Cool advertising shoppers from recycling, carrier bags from plastic bottles.

The PET bottles are reprocessed into textile webs.

A tear-resistant foil is printed with your advertising motifs in the sizes, shapes and colours you require. After printing, this film is bonded to the RPET textile web in a tear-resistant manner.

After printing, the bags are processed to carrier bags in the classic way with sewing machines. In addition to the environmental aspect, this gives many people wages, bread and a perspective.

In a market economy, they create what helps: the right demand for environmentally friendly products. Together, we make useless things useful again - printing R PET carrier bags.

PET carrier bags Use permanent bags for advertising. This is permanent advertising.

Decide for a product with a reasonable concept, for a carrier bag, which with your decision will reduce our plastic mountains and help the environment.