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Sustainable advertising bags with the best eco-balance. Bags made from recycled bottles.

This demand makes used plastic a much sought-after raw material. If a raw material is desired, it is not simply thrown away, but bought up. The plastic bottles are collected intensively and melted down again. This incentive to see plastic as a well-paid raw material keeps the environment cleaner.

R PET advertising bags - a question of responsibility in purchasing

The bottles are collected and recycled. The waste is disposed of. Why? For one reason: ▶ They create demand for R PET and bags. You use R PET advertising bags and thus create the right demand as a valued buyer!

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R PET advertising carrier bags a question of the right product for the environment

Your need for RPET carrier bags leads to keeping our environment clean. Without you and without anyone ordering and buying recycled plastic products, plastic waste pollution would be far more catastrophic. Pollution doesn't happen without decisions. Let us make the right decision. We can do the right thing together.

  • The bagobag team is highly motivated to produce RPET Shoppers for you! In practice, we want to make sure that plastic waste in the world is reduced.

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