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Foldable travel bags with advertising print, the trend for the road

Tourism and the branding of travel brands through travel items such as travel bags with pressure

Foldable travel bags with advertising print are aimed at tourists and the branding of travel stamps. Similarly, a foldable travel bag is also a beautiful accessory for any frequent traveler. This makes the travel bag with logo excellently as a souvenir for the first class and here for the frequent flyer.

  • Faltbare Taschen
  • Faltbare Taschen
  • Faltbare Taschen

Managers and frequent flyers are high potential as a target group for brands

Boards, salespeople and managers who not only keep it at their desk are the second intended target audience for this little gift.

So your label remains in good memory and is unforgotten. Your brand is in the jet set.

It is associated cosmopolitan. Network contacts do not sink into the address file with such a small gift. A travel bag is very useful. One is happy about it and therefore one associates better an important contact from which the bag came. Learning psychologists refer to it, remembering a contact or a meeting when it is thoughtfully linked with a nice item to take away.

For this, a travel companion like a super lightweight travel bag, which folds easily, is ideal. A printed travel bag with her company logo is a thought bridge that leads back to you.

  • Faltbare Taschen
  • Faltbare Taschen
  • Faltbare Taschen

Brand loyalty when the eye has plenty of time

In the queues and on the conveyor belt, travel bags with logo imprinted produce a lot. Even if the travel bag comes in the hand luggage. Hardly a BAG is under observation longer than a bag traveling. Advertisement on travel bags is therefore important. The eye is bored in the waiting areas and emphatically receives the message.

If you wish, we provide you with the bags - for the deliberate understatement - even with a small brand flag, sewn inside or outside, forth and no further advertising.