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Polypropylene Woven Bags Direct from Your Manufacturer

“Woven” material is made of woven, flat polypropylene fibres. These create a very sturdy, tear-proof material. For carrying bags and shopping bags which must withstand large loads, this material composition is perfectly suited. 

Woven Propylene: The Ideal Material for Sturdy Bags.

PP Woven Bags, Handelshof

Order: No information ☀ Format: 60 x 40 x 20cm (width x height x depth) ☀ Material:140 g/m² PP Woven , glossy lamination ☀ Printing: 4 colour on front sides, sides red with graphic design ☀ Printing Process: All fees included in final price, no further costs ☀ Handles:Two woven red nylon carrying handles, sewn with seat seam on interior of bag, length 2x70cm, width 2.5cm ☀ Finishing: Exclusive coated PP woven carrying bag, sewn, red edge binding of PP woven material sewn over seams as finish, fold in middle of base ☀ Closure: None ☀ Packaging: Easy to carry, secure boxes on pallets ☀ Shipping: After printing approval, free shipping to an address in Germany, duty paid, to a curb or ramp ☀ Delivery Deadline: Approx. 70-95 days after printing approval or sample approval

The material is coated and can easily be printed; PP woven is waterproof and can be added to the recycling. It is also possible to use partially recycled material in the manufacturing process, increasing the eco-friendliness of the bags.

Bags made of PP Woven are available in various sizes. The bags' interiors can be wiped with a damp cloth, and it's also possible to add a liner of cotton, non-woven, or other materials. The bag can also be equipped with fasteners. Combine size, handles, closures, and printing to create the shopping bag which the best outward representation of your company.

PP Woven, The Basis for Individual Printing.

Printing gives your bags a special character, and opens up innumerable possibilities for your business. Printing makes woven bags out of polypropylene into the perfect promotional materials. Colours appear brightly on the material. Side panels and carrying handles may be coloured. Put your company's logo and slogan on the bag! Because of its long-lasting quality, it will be useful for many years. This means that your advertising message is always visible. It's worth it to invest in the design of your bag, since a woven bag with stylish printing can become an iconic object. Aim for recognisability. Your design will promote lasting use of your bag and their advertising message.

Woven Bags for Every Purpose, Without Limits.

Anyone who has to transport large, bulky, or heavy goods will be happy with this bag. Its high load capacity is very sensible for everyday use. Bottles and jars can place a strain on the tear-resistance of a paper bag or conventional carrying bag made of plastic – for a woven bag they're no problem. Woven bags are also used by recycling centers for carrying purposes. These bags are used often and happily. With chic designs, they are suitable as shopping bags. The stable handles of the bag are also practical. Many models have handles in two lengths, short and long, allowing the bag to be carried by hand or worn around the shoulder.

Endlessly sensible: Woven bags look good, are practical, and are very sturdy. They are excellent advertisements for your company's logo and can be used again and again. The stable material also allows for high-quality printing in visible quality.

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