Auch kleine Mengen bei uns im Shop


It's time to say thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and interested parties, dear friends,

We would like to thank you very much for the trust, the intensive cooperation and often also for the patience in the past weeks.

The first run in the Corona mask market is now over. We were able to learn a lot of positive things about what is possible if the cooperation is right. With our resellers, the division of labor has proven its worth and has often given pleasure in spite of all the neglect.

After Covid broke out in the United States and US customers suddenly entered the market, we were suddenly unable to deliver masks as quickly as in early March and as planned. The cargo hold decreased rapidly with the less and less flying aircraft and intensified the effect! Regulations for exports from China changed from one day to the next and caused confusion on the Chinese side. That quickly took a few days. In a team with our TNT Special Service agent, we then chartered planes into quarters and halved cargo holds. So we patched up some of the appointments again with a lot of effort.

So far, no hectic delivery and no risk of a single delivery has been lost in 3 months, and no money entrusted to us! That was at the beginning of this Corona company for us as a production agency, importer and manufacturer directly our all main concern. The amounts of money in the customer order are often exorbitant with transfers to the factories.

Now it is brightening up a bit, the economy is starting to slow down. Also our classic field, the promotional bags for our corporate customers, are increasingly in demand. And yet we have some time to deal with in the second half of 2020. It will continue to be different from the last few years, namely with masks. Fall and winter, as far as Corona is concerned, remain uncertain in possible consequences.

We are therefore working intensively with each other on expanding the range of masks in the textile sector: community masks, children's masks, promo masks, washable, Ökotex, partly made in Europe etc. You can then see this development over the next few days and weeks watch on our website

Promotion focused on labeling some of our products. I.e. Our advertising material manufacturers, as resellers, simply use the logos entrusted to them for promotion much more discreetly than before. This can be done e.g. read on the success of our cotton mesh bags. The transition to your own collection becomes fluid (see Adidas, Red Bull on our website).

With the community masks we are now also learning with our customers and resellers as a manufacturing production agency. So far there was no time for this, but we will increase the product variety significantly on our website.

Don't forget to check out the attached stock list of highly effective masks. In the past few weeks, stock items have often been the longest wish of many of our partners. As a production agency, we are still inexperienced with stock goods and stockpiling. We are doing something unusual with the introduction of highly effective masks like we all do these days. Your preferred prices shown in the email attachment apply including delivery from the Berlin warehouse, valid for this week, while stocks last.

We wish you perseverance to continue doing your thing and to try out something unfamiliar if necessary. Stay healthy!

best regards

Zoriana and Carsten Wettreck and bagobag, the team.

We now start selling from stock. For our regular customers for sale from stock in Berlin while stocks last:

1.) This week 50,000 masks KN95 - corresponds to FFP2 - 5 layers, at least 95% filtration, divided:

Purchase quantity, delivery in 48 hours, including shipping costs:

  •       50 pieces net Euro 3.19 each
  •     100 pieces net Euro 2.80 each
  •     150 pieces net Euro 2.60 each
  •     250 pieces net Euro 2.40 each
  •     500 pieces net Euro 2.20 each
  •   1,000 pieces net Euro 2.00 each
  •   5,000 pieces net Euro 1.90 each
  • 10,000 pieces net Euro 1.85 each

2.) This week 15,000 FFP1 masks (surgical masks, 3 layers) - manufactured and packaged for and in the medical standard - sold by bagobag as a simple mouth protection at a hammer price for self-users and resellers:

Purchase quantity, delivery in 48 hours, including shipping costs:

  •     50 pieces net Euro 0.90 each
  •   100 pieces net Euro 0.75 each
  •   150 pieces net Euro 0.75 each
  •   250 pieces net Euro 0.75 each
  •   500 pieces net Euro 0.70 each
  • 1,000 pieces net Euro 0.68 each