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Plastic Sacks – A Customer favorite for more than 50 years. Buy Plastic Sacks with Your Logo and Your Design, direct from the Bag Manufacturer.

Plastic Sacks: Carrier and Promotional Material Combined 

In the last few decades, plastic sacks have become one of the most common everyday objects we see – and also the object of many heated debates. Plastic sacks make our everyday lives much easier, serving as inexpensive and flexible carriers for transporting all kinds of goods. Whether you're buying groceries for the weekend, clothing, or books, today customers can carry home almost all retail goods in plastic sacks. But at the same time, plastic sacks are represented as the symbol of an often critiqued throwaway mentality and a wasteful use of natural resources. The fact is that plastic sacks and plastic bags are an integral part of our modern daily lives and fulfill multiple functions. Besides their function as transporters and packaging materials, plastic sacks have established themselves as important promotional materials.

It's no accident that plastic sacks bearing the logo and signature colours of some large discount brands have almost become symbols of the brand itself.

From Paper to Plastic Sacks and Plastic Bags

Before plastic sacks could establish themselves as standards on the market, sacks made of paper were used for more than 100 years in their place. These were produced on an industrial scale for the first time in the year 1833 by the Gumpert Bodenheim paper factory in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. The sturdiness and strength of those paper sacks was of course much lower than plastic sacks available today or modern paper bags, and their uses were also more limited. That's why plastic sacks, real all-around players, established themselves on the market so quickly after they were first introduced in 1961 by a large German department store and convinced customers with multiple advantageous characteristics. Since the shape of the first plastic sacks reminded customers of undershirts, they were initially called T-shirt bags. Today, this name is only used for plastic bags in supermarkets used for fruit and vegetables. Normally, people just speak of plastic sacks or plastic bags.

Clear Advantages Of Plastic Sacks: Durability And Stability.

The material used to manufacture plastic sacks is normally polyethylene or polypropylene. The advantages of these materials are, firstly, their comparatively low cost to manufacture, and secondly their physical characteristics. Plastic bags made of these materials are lightweight and resistant to many chemicals, as well as impermeable to water, relatively strong and sturdy, so that plastic sacks can also be used multiple times. Since the foil can also be welded and printed off of the role, it is easy to weld into printed plastic bags right off the conveyor. It is important to note that production of plastic sacks requires a relatively low energy consumption and causes low emissions. Plastic bags made of renewable raw materials have been offered for some years as a more biologically sustainable alternative. If you want to buy plastic sacks very inexpensively, see our sites with plastic bags, decide on a bag type – double strength, a simple die cut handle bag, bag with handles, welded plastic bag, t-shirt bag – and send us an inquiry. We will offer you the most attractive prices possible.

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